Indian Government Orders ISPs to Block 32 WebSites GitHub,Vimeo

Today Indian Government took strong decision to block the 32 websites, and Ordered the ISP’s all over the country to block the websites which are on the list.

The list contained the 32 most popular websites which are used by almost all the techie guys around the country, The list websites to be blocked in India are suggested by the Anti- Terrorism Squad team.

These websites are blocked by the orders from DoT, But there is no official message from DoT about this issue. The only message that we got is from the tweet of Arvind Gupta who is  National Head of BJP India IT Cell.

He said in the tweet that the 32 websites are blocked as they contained the anti-India information from ISIS terrorist group.

Arvind Gupta also said in another tweet that the sites which cooperate with India Government to remove the anti Indian consent from their websites will be unblocked by the Indian Government.

According to PTI one more Government official said that this is a order from Maharashtra Court and Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS).

Here is the complete list of all the websites which are blocked, Even though this a government order to block the sites, Seems that only one private Internet service provider is implementing the order, The private Internet service provider is Vodafone and the government Internet Service provider BSNL customers are seen facing the issue.

List of Blocked websites by Indian Governmentindia-blocks-websites: