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This New Year Manage All Your Meetings With Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free service offered by the Mountain View company to everyone who has a Gmail account. Its utility is unquestionable, especially if you have a mobile handset with Android. Now that is a time when you have many appointments, either acquaintances or family, it is perfect that Google Calendar is capable of telling you when you have meetings so you do not forget. Therefore, the management of these notices is an option that should be tested without fail.

The first thing you have to do is create an appointment, and that otherwise can not be set to notify the user in both the computer and the mobile device. This is very simple using this web address where the user’s calendar that has Gmail currently active appears.

  • The process is very simple: select the day and press the mouse on it.
  • A window in which you can enter the name of the event and if you have more than one active calendar appears, you can choose where you want the information to be stored.

Without closing the window that appears in data entry, click on the Edit option called event. Apart from being able to manage the time slot in which it has been, there are different options that are interesting, check if any of them are useful (for example, the address of the event, allowing access directly to Google Maps by clicking ). But now we are interested in the Notification section.

Here you can specify that a pop-up warns of impending appointment to open (you can set when you want to receive notification, and even several commands at different times). If the mobile device to create the event is used, it is possible to use a sound notification and even a call.

Thanks to Google Calendar, now you can not miss an appointment and has a well managed notices. Therefore, there is no excuse to forget the appointment with friends and family to celebrate this new year, right?