How to Improve(Maximize) WIFI Speed [Tips]

Are you using WIFI in your home, but suffering from the poor WIFI speed connection even though you had high speed internet connection, then you must check out this post. Here in this post I will say you some tips which can improve your WiFi connections speeds.

Locate the best router

Placing of router in your home plays a major part in your connections speeds, Because the WiFi signals can be interrupted by so many obstacles in your home. So placing the router at one corner in a room at expecting for the high speed is the worst thing that you are doing which can never happen. So to avoid this you can place the router at the place where there are less obstacles and is located in center of your home (not exactly the center room! 😛 ). Get a extendable Ethernet wire and adjust the position of your router.

Placing a second router

Another option to improve the WiFi connection is set up a second router as another access point, which in practice will act as a signal repeater. For this it is necessary to connect the two LAN ports of the devices. Newer devices are even prepared to serve as access points. Once inside its configuration is as simple as clicking an option. For older models require more hands dirty. The IP address may vary slightly from one router to another, make sure that the SSID and security are the same in both. Finally, on the second device DHCP network protocol must be disconnected. You need to check the router manuals if your router is direclty supporting the repater or you need manual work to be set on your router. Installing custom frimware like DD-WRT on your router can make your work more easier.

Changing the WiFi channel:

Routers usually work on channels 1, 6 or 11. If ours is one saturated improve performance by changing it to another. This information could be found with the free tool inSSIDer , which is full of data, but only have to look at the parameter ‘channel’. Then, go into the router settings to change the channel.This is little advance, You need to check the manual of your router to make changes, changing the channel is not recommend but changing can give some improvement in the speed.

True Geek Tip:

If we want to toil away not a penny there are other ways to improve the WiFi connection, say homemade way. Does anyone sounds creating a TV antenna with foil? Well basically it’s the same . This material, as well as other metals, extend the signal. It can be placed behind the antenna of the router screen mode (oriented as needed), creating a system similar to that used satellite dishes. Some have even tested the effectiveness of soda cans for this purpose.

Updating the firmware

Routers are also software-based devices, but it will not always give due attention, as if it is done on smartphones or computers. Routers for companies often warn of firmware updates, but calling at the homes do not always (especially the former). Updates can search the manufacturer’s website, then download and install them from the router interface.

But not only the router can increase performance if your firmware is updated. The same goes for the network adapters or antennas built into the devices. You must check the network configuration if the last update from the manufacturer is installed.

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