Use HYFY To Record Your Voice And Screen Also Easily Share

On the Internet we can find many different to share the screen of your computer with other users tools. In fact, a few days ago we recommended ViewedIt only. This time it seemed interesting to note HYFY, an extension for Google Chrome with which to record and share your screen and your voice.

In general, the operation of HYFY is fairly intuitive. Once installed we will have to click the extension button located in the upper right corner of the interface of Google Chrome. Then just press “Start recording” to everything we do remain videoed. As I overtook, the tool allows us to activate an option to include our voice in the video, with the advantages that this entails.

As soon as we are satisfied with the finished video we will get a link to share over the Internet. In addition, you can also share directly on platforms like Slack. At this point it is important to note that HYFY has several payment plans, although free is more than enough for occasional use. Only we must take into account the limitations: videos expire after 30 days and recordings have a maximum duration of 3 minutes.hyfy

Undoubtedly, this is an extension of the most interesting. If you has drawn attention, you can take a look by downloading completely free via the following link to the.

versions :

The program offers a free version with limited recording time to 3 minutes, with the ability to record only the active window, and with the expiration of the videos after 30 days. For more features necessary to resort to the Pro version, with the limit in 30 minutes, with the ability to record the entire screen, without expiration time video, among other features. There is also a Business version with more capabilities.hyfi

As we have indicated, to begin recording just press a button, without having to make any conversion video files generated. Anyone who receives one of these videos do not require any software to view them. It is an ideal tool for workgroups to create simple tutorials for teachers to use it as a support system in their explanations, and for other tasks.

To see all the features of the program, access to HYFI. You need only click on the Install HYFI for Chrome button to install the extension in your browser.