How to Use Gmail like a Pro Hacker

Google packs a lot of useful features into gmail,which is one of the reasons the webmail service is so popular but there are a couple of key functions missing from Gmail’s toolset.Currently you can’t schedule messages to be sent at later time and there’s no way to set reminders to follow up important messages. fortunately there’s an easy way to add both of these features to your inbox by installing a boomerang in google , firefox or safari.

Use Gmail Like a Pro Hacker by Adding Pro Features with Boomerang Gmail

Open a browser window signin to your gmail account then go to and click an install boomerang then add,your gmail inbox will reload with a brief tour of boomerang’s main can now use your new add-on to clear out emails clogging up your inbox that you haven’t deleted or archived because you’re not sure whether you may still need them in the future boomerang can remove these from your inbox and return them at later date so you don’t lose them.Open one and click the boomerang button in the toolbar and select from the drop down menu when you want the message to reappear in your inbox.

Check How to get Google Inbox Access

You can allow pop-ups for gmail so you receive new message alerts in your browser.To do so in chrome click the blocked pop-up icon in the address bar,select “Always allow po-ups” from then click click refresh and gmail will reload repeat the STEP1 process now you will see the request of the boomerang to access your gmail accept boomerang is now fully set up and your message will move to a new boomerang filder untill the date your specified.

The important thing is to schedule sending an email at a specific time and compose the type your email when you’ve finished send later button at the bottom of the compose window then,in the box below ‘At a specific time’ type the date and time you want the email to be sent,then click confirm.note that boomerang uses American date conversations. There’s also a free android app and you can use boomerang on any smartphone or tablet by going to your web browser.


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