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How To Take Full Advantage Of The Clipboard On iPhone And iPad

If you are someone who uses both the iPad and iPhone to work with multiple applications open at once, you’ve seen how important is the copy-paste, with which we saved many texts, and above all, we use very often having to type texts.

The problem in the system is that it only allows you to copy one item at a time, so when we have to fill out a form or a document with recurring information, we lose a lot of time jumping between apps to copy and paste.

Clipboard managers come to the rescue to solve this problem and get to work at high speed. They are something really new and but the latest versions have evolved a lot, making us much faster in the management of information, and we can copy multiple items at once to go after hitting at will.


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What is a clipboard manager and what advantages it provide :

Although the vast majority of people certainly have heard of them, a clipboard manager is an application that increases the chances of copy-paste so that, once habituated, workflow happens much simple. Clipboard managers basically improve the following aspects of the system clipboard.

  • Increase the number of elements to copy-paste:  This is possibly the most interesting feature, because you can add different elements to the clipboard for pasting then go sequentially as we need the information.
  • Allow you to create lists: those texts often need to incorporate such as e-mail, our address or mobile. With them we can have this recurring information in an organized manner, and then access it quickly.
  • You can copy images: to function as a conventional clipboard, you can add photos and graphics, then file them in the appropriate list. In this sense, it comes in handy copy the ID card or similar and file in a list, then share it with multiple applications.
  • Content (iOS / OS X) is synchronized: This feature usually requires checkout in most applications, but it will be money well spent. Basically, you can synchronize content between different devices via iCloud, so that what we copy the iPhone, is also available on the iPad, and some applications include version OS X.
  • Instant access from the notifications menu: With a slide up and down with your finger, access the clipboard and then paste the selected clip. Fully fast and very intuitive; in fact, no need to open the application in practically no time.


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What manager choose?

This app was launched late last year, and was Federico Viticci who soon highlight its benefits. Say your developer, Kevin Chan, wanted to take limitations of the possibilities of clipboard and go even further by adding features that each user will have to discover depending on your need. Relatively speaking, it is impossible not to remember Drafts to use all features of this app. Another great app for this task is Clips, although it is much less ambitious.