How to Use Classic Shell for Windows 8 (Add the “Start” menu, disable the Hot Corners and skip the initial screen )

If you do not touch the computer, a new user interface in Windows 8 may seem intrusive. Microsoft does not provide an opportunity to turn it off by standard means, but the Internet is full of third-party tools that do this, and the application Classic Shell is one of the best.Now you can add the “Start” menu, disable the Hot Corners and skip the initial screen with Classic Shell for Windows 8.


Classic Shell will help you to return “Start” button and disable the “hot corners”, which activate the Charms Bar and Switch List, when the user moves the mouse cursor to the corners of the screen. In addition, the application is able to pass the initial screen – in this place, when you start your computer, you will immediately get to the desktop.

  • The other tools that have similar functionality, but many alternatives, such as, Start8 and RetroUI, are commercial, but these are worth the money.
  • You can download Classic Shell Online Sourceforge. It’s not just “Start” menu – tool adds some other features that were removed from Windows 8.
  • Classic Shell includes classical conductor and classical IE9, which adds several features of Internet Explorer 9.
  • To avoid cluttering the system, you can disable both these functions during the installation process.


“Start” menu :

After installing Classic Shell, in a familiar place, you will see a button “Start”. Pressing the Windows key on your keyboard will open the classic menu and not the initial screen of Windows 8.


In Classic Shell used a style that mimics the default menu of Windows 2000 and Windows 98, but you can choose styles from Windows 7 and Windows XP.


Whatever style you choose, the menu will always be a search string, so that with the help of the search, you can quickly launch programs, as you can do in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Turning off the new interface :

When you load the operating system Classic Shell will automatically load the desktop. Also, the application itself will disable the “hot corner” to open the home screen. However, there will still be active Switch List, which opens by moving the mouse cursor in the upper left corner of the screen; and panel Charms Bar – opens through the right upper or lower corners of the screen. If you want to disable and, it can be done in the settings of Classic Shell.

To configure these parameters at the bottom of Classic Shell select All Settings, and then select the tab Windows 8 Settings. From here you can disable all active “hot corners.” It should be noted that you can still open the Charms Bar and Switch List using hot keys Windows 8.


Let me remind you, the combination of Win + C opens the Charms Bar, and Win + Tab – Switch List. And yet, the option «Skip Metro screen» does not work perfectly, so that when you log in will be noticeable slight delay when loading the desktop – for a moment, you can see the initial screen.

Setting :

Classic Shell is necessary to taste each tweaker. The app is filled with options to manage everything related to “Start” menu. For example, in the tab Skin and Start Button, you can select Metro-style menu and a button “Start”, respectively. The remaining tabs are also filled with options to control every inch of “Start” menu.

By the way, the settings screen opens as follows: – first, right-click on the button “Start” and then select “Settings”.

I hope this was useful and simple. do share and feel free to express your views o=in comments.