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How To Use Android Smartphone As A Mouse And Keyboard For PC

Here’s how you can control your PC / laptop with Android smartphone / tablet as either a keyboard or mouse. Android operating system has increased the global dominance of mobile phone use in a short period of time. It is always fun to do amazing things with your smartphone, we are introducing a new way to use your smartphone / tablet Android. That’s like a keyboard or mouse of your PC.

Before you begin, you should know that “this process only works with Intel-based PCs.” Now, first you have to get Android App and Remote Keyboard software.

Configuring Intel Remote Keyboard.

  1. Download the Intel Remote Keyboard on Android device or tablet.
  2. Download and install the Intel Remote Host Keyboard on your Windows PC. You have to choose x86 or x64 depending on your Windows. If you are unsure of what is working, there are four easy ways to tell if you’re on Windows 64 bits.
    (Important Note: Make sure your Android and Windows devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi)
  3. In the Android phone, touch the device name Windows.
  4. Your PC Windows will now display a QR code. Just scan it with the camera Android smartphone (following the instructions on the screen) and the two devices will be paired.
  5. That’s it!

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What you can do:

Android pc remote
The application is basically a virtual trackpad and keyboard. It can be used in portrait or landscape mode. In portrait mode, the screen is divided into the trackpad area at the top and at the bottom of the keyboard. Intel keyboard looks like any Android keyboard, but also has a Windows button a Esc button and four arrow keys.
Android pc mouse

Things that should have been there:

There could be some improved to optimize the installation controls. First, there is a “continuous movement” which means you have to touch the scroll buttons repeatedly to scroll to a great distance. Secondly there is no “direct volume control”, as it is always advisable to adjust the volume by using a dedicated button to use the mouse. We strongly hope that these features will be added in future updates.

Hope you got this and check out the latest posts to learn more tech stuff. Let me know if you have more efficient way to operate android devices as remote mouse or keyboard for pc.