How To Use An iPhone As A Mouse And Keyboard

If you have an iPhone and for some reason your mouse is not working, do not worry. Did you know you can use your phone to manage your computer? A free application allows it. Its name is Remote Mouse and it is easy to use and fast, only have to follow a series of steps for operating. This can be useful if your mouse has been broken or simply have run out of battery and batteries do not own at the time.
Remote Mouse will allow you to control your computer or Smart TV while sitting comfortably on the sofa. Once you’ve downloaded the application on your smartphone (you can do from here) you have to do the same on the computer. To do this, go to the website of the app, download and install the appropriate software on your PC. Then follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Connect your iPhone and PC to the same WiFi network.
  • Step 2: Open the application on your iPhone and click Auto Connect. If necessary enter the IP address of your    computer
  • Step 3: Slide your finger on the iPhone screen, you will see that the cursor moves on the screen. With the available controls, you can double-click, scroll to pages and programs or change the vertical and horizontal orientation of the virtual keyboard. You can also use the smartphone as a remote control for your presentations.iPhone_raton

If in addition to the mouse, sometimes you fail the keyboard, there is also an application that will help you to use your iPhone to type on the computer. In this case it is not free, but allows us to turn our phone on a laptop keyboard comfortably.

It is Rowmote Pro, and, like the previous one, must be installed on both the computer and the mobile device. Once installed on both computers and the connection between them, when we open Rowmote Pro on the iPhone, a touch pad is displayed on the screen. The Pro version also turns your phone into a wireless trackpad. Thus, we will be able to control the computer through gestural commands. This app is priced at about four euros. There is a standard version that is only worth one euro, but it can only control the audio, video and AirPlay mirroring on a Mac.

If you have older claims, JoyPad Legacy will allow you to control your gaming with the iPhone. The procedure for installing the application is very similar to the other two. You need to install on your phone and computer and then connect power. Once you’ve installed the app, your iPhone screen will automatically become a remote control. Thus, when you press any of the buttons, you can manipulate the game you have active on your computer. This application itself is free. You can see all the instructions for installation in this video.