How To Unblock WhatsApp Using VPN Technique

In Brazil WhatsApp has closed by court order and this has also caused problems in the communications of the application in other South American countries. If you have had problems with the messaging application we have a solution to jump the blockade suffered by unlocking whatsapp with a VPN connection.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it allows access to a local network over the public network (Internet) safely. With this technology we can create a encrypted tunnel through the Internet to connect to a secure server so no one can track the information that travels through the tunnel. Once connected to the server every search or online inquire information will be filtered by the IP address of that server. Thus if you connect to a server that is outside the country you can jump blocking WhatsApp.

How To Unlock WhatsApp Using VPN

In Google Play Store you can find several VPN services, but not everyone has good intentions. Some filter your statistics information to sell to third parties, so you must when choosing. For this tutorial, i have selected the application that has worked best for unblocking WhatsApp in Brazil.

  1. ¬†You just need to install Betternet from Google Play, it is a very simple application. Confirm the connection request and click on ‘Connect’. No need to create an account and register with a password.
  2. The key icon in the status bar shows that the service is active. With this connection you can use WhatsApp normally.betternet
  3. Remember that not all VPN services are secure, so avoid sharing sensitive or private information via a VPN connection.
  4. Obviously, if the person you want to communicate in WhatsApp also suffers from the blockade should also have a VPN connection to receive messages, so spread the word to the person.

Hope you find it useful and informative. If you have any doubt feel free to let me know