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Avoid Automatic Upgrade To Windows 10 With The New GWX Stopper 2.0


Windows 10 is the new operating system from Microsoft. Since its launch, millions of users have upgraded to this new operating system to the point that, today, is the second most widely used operating system. Microsoft wants the largest possible number of users upgrade to this new version of the system and to this end, it is conducting various campaigns not without criticism from the community.

Microsoft is conducting an aggressive campaign to get as many users upgrade to the new operating system, and the worst is yet to come for this 2016. The company uses techniques increasingly more complex “social engineering” so that less experienced users agree, through ignorance, updating. Similarly, users who do not want to upgrade and have repeatedly rejected the process, but it comes again and again as the information window with the availability of the update appears.

There are several tools that allow users to block messages from upgrading to Windows 10, although one of the most popular and effective is GWX Stopper. As Microsoft technical changes every so often, the developers of this tool have released a new prepared to block the new warnings to be introduced in 2016 version.

GWX Stopper 2.0 is a tool just as aesthetically than the previous 1.2, but internally has improved the system to adapt to the new changes introduced by Microsoft, being able to block all new ads that the company will start show from next year.

You can download GWX Stopper 2.0 free of cost from its main website. Once downloaded,

  • Install it in the system following the simple wizard that appears to us in our computer and, once installation is complete, execute it.
  • If your operating system is not configured to block upgrade to Windows 10 will see a red button in the main window called “Stop GWX”. We simply must click on it to make the program take care to make the necessary changes to the team so that we can disable the updates. A ready time, we see that the red button turns green with a success message.
  • GWX Stopper 2.0 – prevents upgrade to Windows 10, only thing left to do is restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
  • From this time we will not see messages and screens that ask us to upgrade to Windows 10, at least until Microsoft changed his technique and then forcing the windows to all users again.GWX-Stopper-2.0-Windows-10

GWX Stopper is undoubtedly one of the best options to prevent Microsoft bombard our system with constant messages and windows that ask us to install the upgrade to the new Windows 10.

Requests for Windows 10 upgrade to be much more aggressive from 2016. GWX Stopper will help you not upgrade by mistake.

Although as we said Microsoft never force to update this week  Windows 10 without the consent of users, if you plan toughen warnings and requests for such update is performed, starting configure the update as “recommended” in and disabling the Windows Update button to refuse offering only “install now” or “install later.”

We recall that until July 29, 2016 all users with a license of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 can update the original completely free of charge to Windows 10, however, once the process is finished, if you want to install the new operating system will checkout to buy a license.

What do you think about GWX Stopper? Do you know or use similar tools to block messages from upgrading to Windows 10? Let us know through comments