How To Recover Wifi Password Using Android Device (UnRooted/Rooted)

Have you forgot your wifi password, wondering how you can recover Wi-Fi password from your Android ?, If so,here i will explain some of the best tricks and procedures to recover a Wi-Fi password directly from your android device, whether it is a smartphone or tablet.


Many times we have found ourselves in the difficult situation in which we fail to remember the password for the Wi-Fi you want to connect an Android device and also it becomes a problem when the network you want to access is not your property.

The easiest and simplest way would be to ask the network owner the key for Wi-Fi you want to access from your Android device. However, we do not like things getting easy rite 😉

So i wanted to bring together some of the best tricks to recover the password for the Wi-Fi network you want to connect directly from Android.

Steps to recover the password of a Wi-Fi network from Android

how do i do it ?, It’s very easy, so all you need is these requirements:

  • Have an Android device. Obvious! xD
  • It should be Rooted, although we have an alternative for those who do not have root.

NOTE : Recovery is possible only if you have connected to the network for atleast for 5 minutes, previously.

There are two different ways to do this. I will show both solutions that you may use and decide which one is most suited to your needs.

WiFi Password Pro (For rooted phones)

Here we are using WiFi Password Pro app, it is a great app that allows us to recover Wi-Fi passwords stored earlier in our device. Its operation is extremely simple.

  1. firstly, download the app from the Google Play Store and install it.
  2. Once installed on your device, you open the app and give root access to find all Wi-Fi networks to which you have previously connected from your device.
  3. Once all networks appear in a list, you just click on the network pasword that you want to recover and it appear as a pop-up window on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.
  4. If you want to copy the “pass” for the Wi-Fi network you will have to simply click on it and automatically gets copied to the clipboard then paste it in the Wi-Fi settings of your device.recover-wifi-password-with-android2

Using File Explorer (Done manually and does not need Root)

For users who do not have root on your Android. Here we will use File Explorer app to manually extract the wifi password.

  1. Firstly you download ES File Explorer from the Play store and install on your device.
  2. Once installed, you agree to it and look for the following path: “/ data / wifi” or “/ data / misc / wifi”. Once you are inside, open the “wpa_supplicant.conf.” File.
  3. This is the file where all Wi-Fi networks to which your Android device is connected at some point in it’s “life” are stored, so we will just find the name of the Wi-Fi network we want to recover the password.
  4. And next to “psk =” password appears, so you just have to copy and paste in the Wi-Fi settings of your device.


That’s it, hopefully you have understood these tips to recover the password of a Wi-Fi network from Android device. If you have any questions or you’ve encountered any problems during the process, please comment below.