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Fastest way to Recover Deleted Data On Pendrive

Wondering how you could restore data deleted on pendrive? then chill guys these days every problem has a solution, If you have deleted the important files accidentally then no worries about this simple problem you can get back your data quite easily. Pendrives are real life savers when you have to transfer data between systems but what if you accidentally deleted data on your pendrive, Well You just need to stick with my simple steps to recover deleted files from Pen drive.

Restoring files from the USB Pendrive is so simple but, you need to download the one and only software Recuva for windows. You may have heard about this program but, now  we’ll show how you how to use this tool and few other tools to retrieve deleted data from pen drive.

How to Recover Data (Shift-Delete Files) From Pen Drive :

Download the Recuva Software from Here

[button-green url=”http://www.piriform.com/recuva/download” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download Recuva[/button-green]

After you  have completed with downloading Recuva , Now see installation of this software and the recovery procedure using it.We’ll tell the procedure in an order follow these steps and get your files back into Pen drive.

Before Going To Recover Read this:

Please insert your USB Pen drive into your PC from which you want to recover the files. If it’s not a Pen drive may be External hard disk or something which stores the data, It doesn’t matter you can use this process for any device to recover the files.

Installation of Recuva

  • First run the Recuva software and then tap on “Next”


  • Select proper installation options as per your comfort and proceed.


  •   And now click on the Finish  button to complete installation as shown in the below image.


Recovering Files with Recuva

  • A window appears  saying “Welcome to the Recuva Wizard”, then click on next.


  • Chose which format of file you have lost in your Pen drive of USB. If you exactly don’t know the format, go with All files.


  •  Please select that drive here in which drive you have the files. As we’re dealing here with Pendrive, chose that one. If you’re using something, you can select that one also. If you can’t remember in which drive you’ve deleted the files, then no problem, chose I’m not sure.


  • Now click on “Start” and Recuva begins the hunt for your precious information.
  • After some time, it’ll finish its work.
  • Now all you need to do is just check which file you want to recover from those bunch of files.

jfjfjThats it there your problem is solved  there are so many drives available like Thumb drive and flash drive etc. This guide suits for any kind of device.

Now if at all you feel and problem in restoring your stuff just comment bellow and we will be there to help .

And in the next post we will be showing you how to recover the files from the Android Phone and iPhone

Remember we will be here to track the tech for you 😉

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