How To Receive And Make Android Phone Calls On PC


With the latest updates of iOS in apple devices, there came an interesting and very innovative feature with which it allows you to make and receive phone calls and even send or receive text messages on your iPad, Mac or Mac book. This feature works only if your devices are connected to a same WiFi and are using the same Apple id on the connected device. This feature is very productive when you are busy working on your big apple devices. But no android users where privileged with this feature.

Also most percentage of smart-phones in the world run on Android OS, so this feature was a must need one for every one. So if you are also looking to make calls on your Pc with the help of your android phone then even you can. Yes! it is possible. The only thing you need is a smart phone of Android Os and AirDroid app installed in


AirDroid is a bit better alternate to Apples Continuity feature, Though this is not or have the exactly same features like of Continuity it can be used as the same up to some extent. Airdoid is actually used to mirror your Android device on your computer, it also you needs root permissions to do more of it. You can even use this application without root but only up to some extent. This means that you can only get notifications for your text, calls and some other applications notification.

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AirDroid not only allows you to send and receive text messages and calls online, But also transfer files via your computer. This is also a web online service and you no need to download or install any software for this purpose. Check out below, the step-by-step procedure on how to use AirDroid.


  1. Firstly download AirDroid application and open it on your android phone.
    Download Link: Airdroid


  1. As every other application, this application even asks you to Sign in to use the app, but you can even use the app by clicking on Signin later.
  2. Now give AirDroid the permissions to get notifications on your computer in real time by Clicking on Enable and now it will take you to system settings, here you need to tap on android AirDroid Notification Service.
  3. Then you need to get back to the start screen of the app, where you will find a URL as mentioned here:


  1. Open the URL from any of your personal browser you use on your PC, where you will see a QR code, Now on the android AirDroid app you will find a QR code scanner option available. Click on that and it will open your camera.
  2. Now point your camera at the QR code that you have seen on your PC and your phone gets vibrated ones it is connected.

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Now you can use your phones functionalities on your Pc. If you did not understand or have any doubt on how to use AirDroid on Pc then check down the procedure below.

  1. Now on the Browser tab, where you have gone to AirDroid web application shows all of your Messages, click on that and all the text messages will be shown there.


  1. If you are looking to write and send a new message, then Click on New Message on the top right of the screen and click send to send it to your recipient.
  2. You can also click on the Phone icon on the top of the web application if you are looking to make a call. Now, a dialer is shown where you can enter the android  number you are looking to call or you can even select the ones from your contact list.
  3. Anyway you need to talk to the phone’s mike after clicking on the blue call button to make and answer the calls. It will be better if you are using any Bluetooth headset for this purpose.
  4. Also whenever you receive any call, text or notification on your phone then it is also shown on your pc as a notification popup from AirDroid Web application.

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