How To Protect A Folder In Windows Xp,7,8 And Windows10

Protecting data on your computer is a must do thing even if you are a pro or a moderate user. It helps you in protecting your files from being stolen. Though many of us feel that there is no necessary for this thing, it will be better to protect our files with some security feature, before something is stolen without our knowledge. Every version of Windows does not have inbuilt settings to set password for your files, but you can use some best third-party apps which can help you. Below we have made a list of methods on How to protect a folder with Password in Windows.

We have mentioned the methods of Protecting your folders or files with a password, by classifying it with respect to the versions of Windows operating systems available till now.

Microsoft Windows XP Users

You can follow the method below to protect your files on your Pc if you are running on Microsoft Windows XP version of Windows on Your Computer.

  1. Go to the location of the folder that you think you should protect and then select the folder.
  2. Now right click on the folder that you have selected and click on Properties.
  3. Now properties dialogue box opens in front of you. Now on the General tab you will find the Advanced button and Click on that.
  4. Now in the options you find “Encrypt Contents to secure data” option in the options available. Check on the option, then click apply and the OK.

Now you can use this process to add the number of folders that you are looking to protect, on the Encrypt content list and protect them. After adding to the list you can setup your password when you are adding your first file. Now no other person other than the administrator can get into the folder and use or view the files in it.

Also you can use TweakUI to show your encrypt contents on the context menu. For this you need to open TweakUI and select explorer and on the windows settings search for Show “encrypt” on context menu and check the box.

Microsoft Windows XP home Users

The users using the above version of windows can use the method below to protect your files with password.

  1. Go to the file and select the file that you are looking to protect with a password.
  2. Now right click on the file selected and click on Properties and then click on Sharing tab.
  3. Now just click on the make this folder private option and the Apply, then click OK.

Microsoft Windows XP home users have very easy steps and is easy to setup password for the folders when compared with other users who use other versions of Microsoft Windows operating System.

Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, 8 , 8.1 and 10

The above listed versions of Windows does not have any advanced setting like of Windows XP versions to encrypt the files with a password in system settings. But when this became a big problem for many users then many third-party developers came forward with many productive software’s that can heal the problem with this version of Windows Operating System. Below are the list of apps that you can use to protect your files with a password.

Apps that could protect your files :

Protected Folder : This is a software available only with a premium version and you got to spend some money for this program. It is an excellent software for protecting files and folders with password. You can protect as many files you wish with this software.

AxCrypt: This software is also one of the best version to protect files and folders in your windows PC with a password. This software also features awesome features including protecting your files with large number. You can even protect all your files and cannot even look at it once without the password.

7-Zip: This is also a free software with cool set of features and similar like the above listed software’s of same kind. The additional feature that this software offers is to protect even Zip files and many folders together.

The above listed software’s are the ones that we have found very useful and productive for the purpose of protecting. Also you can use this software’s even in any version of Windows Operating systems that you are using. Also it will be better to setup password for the files that you are looking to protect surely, because once you forget the password that you have set to open this files then it will be difficult for you to have or regain the files and folders without the password.