How To Mirror Your Android Device To PC

Most of us these days use a smartphone and among them most of us, including we prefer android because of the latest updates that this operating system provides along with the cool set of features in that platform. These days phones are made in such a way that in future we may even worry to differentiate the difference between a phone and a tablet. But most of the preferable phones are made in a way that they are in an exact size that can suit any user. It is designed in a way that they fit in any pocket simply and there is no problem in putting them in the pocket even while we are travelling. But when we talk about playing games or watching a movie on a short screen we feel some what bad, and think about why don’t we get a bigger phone. But actually this can’t really help you out. because you will again try to get something even better and more big. So if you are an Android lollipop user then there is no problem cause you get a feature named “Miror Cast” with which you can you can cast your device on any other device which support them.

Mirror Your Android Device To PC

So what if you are not a Android lollipop user and can’t even update your phone to that. No problem cause we are going to help you out with that by telling you How you can cast or mirror your android device with with a app to your PC with a application. Also this is really going to help you out and even make your gaming experience a better one after using this app.

How To Mirror Your Android Device To PC

  1. So, as we have already told you that you are going to cast or mirror your android to PC using an application. The first and the important thing that you need to do is to download an app named AllCast. You can go to playstore or else you can download by clicking here.Mirror Your Android Device To PC 1
  2. As you have done the first and the most important step in miroring your android display to PC. The other important thing that you need to do is to Download the AllCast Receiver extension or app on your PC, this is also important because you are going to mirror your screen onto your PC.Mirror Your Android Device To PC 2
  3. After you are done with both the steps, then you need to launch your AllCast app that you have downloaded in your PC and the you also need to open the Allcast receiver in the PC.
  4. Now you need to check the connected devices from your AllCast app from your phone and check whether both your PC and your phone are connected to same WiFi network. (Remember that mirroring won’t work if they both are not connected on same Wifi network)
  5. Now after you have launched this application in your phone and then on your PC simultaneously. Then both of you devices are paired automatically and now you can cast or mirror your android display to PC.
  6. If you have done all the steps mentioned below correctly then you can find your Phones display mirrored on your PC.

Mirror Your Android Device To PC 3

With this method you can enlarge you mobiles experience by simply shifting your experience from your small screen device into a larger one. With this application you can do everything as usual on your Phone but the same replicates on your PC. Even if you are looking to show your media or any photos to your friends or others, Then you can simply use this way of mirroring your android device on your PC. We hope this method help you, if yes then why don’t you share this article with your friends because it can even help them a lot. Also if you have any question regarding this article and have any better way to mirror your Android Device to PC, hen feel free to Comment down below.