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Easiest Way To Migrate From Android to iPhone or iPad

Changing your smartphone from Android to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is now easier than ever. Apple has created a  a completely free migration tool with really simple procedure. The app is called “Move to ios”, you can easily migrate to iOS and allows all contacts, photos, calendar, notes and many other content from an  Android to an iPhone.

The best time to make the migration from Android to iPhone is when the iOS device is being configured as new. The process is really simple in the following lines i will explain the procedure assuming that the iPhone is new (the procedure also applies in case of iPad and iPod Touch) and is being made a new configuration.


How to migrate all content of Android to iPhone with “Move To Ios”

The steps you need to follow to move all your content from a smartphone Android to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch during the activation process are:

1. Start the configuration wizard with the original iPhone. Upon reaching the Applications screen and choose Data Transfer Data option from the Android.



2. In the Android smartphone, go to the Google Play Store and download the app to “Move to ios”

move to ios

3. Again on iPhone, tap Continue on Transfer from Android. Then wait until a ten-digit code appears.

4. Enter the ten-digit code you see in the iPhone on Android device. Then you can choose the content you want to transfer, once selected the transfer process will start and it is advisable to leave work on both devices without touching them, even when the Android device indicates that the process is complete.

The entire migration process may take a while. Everything will depend on the amount of data you need to transfer and also the speed of the WiFi connection that both devices are connected.

5. When the progress bar on the iOS device is complete, touch OK on the Android device. Then tap Continue on iPhone and follow the steps on the screen to finish setting up the device.


Once the process is finished, make sure that all contents have been transferred. Check contacts, calendars, photos and any other content you’ve migrated from the Android device. Once you make sure that everything is correct can restore Android device to remove all traces of your data or start using the new iOS device normally.

That’s all, with these simple steps you can spend all you have in your Android to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and start using it quickly. It’s never been this easy to move from Android to iOS. I guess this was easy and simple to follow feel free to comment if you have any problem doing this 🙂