How To Boost System Ram Using A USB/Flashdrive In Windows7,8&10

Have you ever felt that your laptop or pc doesn’t have enough ram, well it happens most of the time where we wish we had a latest and better pc. Well sometimes you may need much faster processing, definitely additional ram is required for playing latest games. But don’t regret for have a old laptop or pc you can actually create a contingency RAM, which is not recommended for use for long use, but if you help enough in some cases of emergency.

Using a USB memory to increase RAM

Caution : This tutorial is a bit risky because if the device once configured to be used is removed can cause problems on your computer. And if you use your USB or Flash drive for long time as additional ram, this could damage your flash drive. So i recommend an old USB.

To begin, we must observe the only requirement that we need here are :

  •  A USB flash drive (no more than 4GB)
  • A laptop/pc .

How does this work?

  1. This is super easy, first change the name of your USB device. To do this you go to My Computer or Computer and then right click on our device and click put Rename. Then you format it. For this purpose in the same right-click menu on the device and look for the Format option use the options that appear in the photo.1 usbram
  2. We now turn to our Start menu -> then My Computer or Computers -> right click on this -> and then press Properties. Then a window with the following options where you must choose Advanced System then you will see a small window where you must choose the Advanced tab -> and click the Settings button located under Performance appears.2usbRAM
  3. We will open a new window which will be called Performance Options, here we select the Advanced tab and then choose the options that appear in the next picture which are Programs and then click the Change button3usbram
  4. We see a new window, and this is where we do the most important part of the Statute. It is important to follow the instructions step out on the next picture to not make any mistakes. For one, when you select the USB memory space available appears this is us. In my case I took one 1GB memory and I get 936MB space available indicating that I should leave my size start and end with 931MB least 5MB you always are? Yes, always should place less than 5MB space.increase ram4usbram

Considering our lists options, click the Apply button and then OK again. Now you restart your system to finish all the process.

NOTE: It is too important to note that once this procedure is done YOU CAN NOT REMOVE USB DEVICE. Of-course you can but YOU SHOULD NOT REMOVE THE USB.

Steps to get back USB/FLASH DRIVE to normal :

  • If you want to change settings or convert back your USB drive into normal then you must perform step 4 to remove our device as VIRTUAL RAM and change Custom Size option to No Paging and click Apply.
  • To be precise Again open Virtual Settings -> Remove custom memory value -> choose Default settings by checking Automatically Manage Paging Size.5usb ram

I hope you liked this method to increase ram Using a USB memory and it has served its usefulness :p. I would like you to leave your review in case of any doubt.