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How to format the drive or run a disk check from the command line [windows7/8/8.1]

Few days back, I tried to connect my friends external hard drive to a computer with Windows 8.1 and found that they could not access it. As soon as I plugged it in and opened the folder “This computer”, I saw a green bar, slowly filling the address bar of the window, and when I clicked the right mouse button on the icon of the disc, the system briefly hung. Then I realized that with a disk that is not the case, and to try to “revive” it is necessary to check it for errors and format if required.

External hard drive not available?

If you are faced with a situation in which your external hard drive becomes unavailable, this guide will help you to check it for errors / format from the command line (CMD).

How to perform disk check, the CMD :

Using the menu WinX in Windows 8 (8.1), open a command prompt and type the following command.

—->> chkdsk / f D:

Where «D» is the letter of the external hard drive – or any other disk, if it comes to that – that you want to scan for errors and then correct them, if any, will be detected. In short, you just need to replace the «D» the letter of your disk, and then press the Enter key on the keyboard.


So you start the disk check and correct errors that are found.

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Tip: the command line can also be run through dialogue “Run”. To do this, click on the keyboard Win + R, type «cmd» (without the quotes, of course) and press Enter.

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In my case, it helped to check – as soon as the process was completed, I found that I once again have access to the disk.

How to format the drive using the CMD?

Here, too, there is nothing difficult. To format the disk using the command line, type the following command and press Enter:

format D: / fs: ntfs

Again, «D» replace the drive letter you want to format.

I hope that this information will ever help you.

Do comment if you have any doubt