How to Enable or Disable USB Ports In Windows 7,8,10

Many times, when we try to plugin our USB drives to any Pc to access our files the Windows pc we are using never accepts the drive and asks for administration permissions. This happens not only sometimes, but every time when you try to use your USB drives over some PC’s. You are not allowed because the administrator has disabled the option to detect and read your USB drive. So we have find the solutions that you can even try to make use of or enable USB ports in any PC.

The first problem being unable to get access, the next one is data being stolen from your Pc when an unauthorized USB is connected to your pc and files are being copied using it. So, we have also listed the solution that, if the problem for you is with the second case.

USB drive Enabler or Disabler


Take control of your network and prevent Unauthorized use of USB drives with IntelliAdmin. You can use this software easily to give access or deny access to the Users according to your wish. Once you setup then only you are the person who can change the settings even in future. This is one of the best productive app for enabling or disabling USB ports with your permissions when compared with other third party apps.

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Deny access to users from Connecting USB


If many of the USB storage devices or device have already been connected to your Windows PC, then it will be better if you remove the saved devices from your list. You can do this by editing the Windows Registry so that when the device again is tried to connect, it shows an error message and asking for administration access.

Enabling or Disabling USB drives using Windows Registry

If you are blocked or the Windows Pc is asking you for administration permission. Then surely the Administrator have blocked you from taking this action. So if you are going to or want to get access then you can even do the same thing to unlock it as the way administrator have done in blocking your actions. Follow the below steps to do that:

  1. Go to Start, then search and go to RUN.
    2. Now in RUN type ” regedit ” and press enter, now by doing this you are opening registry editor.
    3. Now look for the key as mentioned below


  1. Now in the right pane, you will find some files and you just need to select Start.
    45. Now a DWORD dialogue box appears where you have to change the value data from 4 to 3 and then click ok. By doing this you are giving access to USB Ports to allow and accept USB drives.
    Note: The value 4 will deny access in detecting USB drives and 3 will give access to use them. so you can adjust them as per your needs.

Installing drivers if deleted

If the administrator is very much worried about the security of the system, then the last step he is going to do is to delete the drivers related to USB storage. So that nothing Works. If you have encountered this problem then dont’t worry. You can Just re-install the device drivers and get the access again. If the drivers are deleted from the Pc, then when you insert the USB storage to the device then it shows an error stating missing of drivers. Now you only need to give permission to search for drivers in the PC and install them accordingly.

If still the problem persists the the administrator might have disabled USB ports in the Device manager. So you can the Device manager and enable the USB ports by right clicking on the selected one and click enable.

You can also use the same method to disable if you are looking to deny access to the USB ports.