How to Enable Facebook Push Notifications On Chrome

For the folks out there who are wondering what this article is about, well it is about how to get facebook updates on the latest happenings with out Facebook application on your smartphone.

I know there are plenty of people out there who would rather use the web version of the social network but

  • Many of the techies out there have limited internet badwidth or storage space on there smartphone.
  • As we know Facebook app occupies a massive space of up to 210 MB and an extra 135 MB of extra dataspace.Which is really huge isn’t it.

Google took a big step, for most of the websites Google made it possible to push notifications on mobile browsers with the introduction of the Chrome Push API. Now even tech giant Facebook also entered into this.

With this new feature users have the power to enable Facebook push-notification on there wish.

Facebook push notification


How to Enable Facebook Push Notifications On Chrome :

So for the folks who would like to enable Facebook push notifications with chrome  check out the below steps.

  1. Update your chrome App to latest version.
  2. Open chrome app and go to and login to your account.
  3. You will automatically get a request to allow push notifications.
  4. Now tap on the allow button.

To crosscheck you can go to Settings > Site Settings > Notifications and seeing if Facebook is in the “Allowed” section as shown below.

facebook pushh notification

Facebook Push Notifications On Chrome works pretty good and i find it really useful and i am sure even you will find it useful so enable it now.

In case if you have any quires please feel free to let us know via comments. Happy browsing :)