How To Disable The New Notification Center In Windows10

If for any reason the icon at the bottom right of the windows10 notification center screen  that bothers you do not use it, there is a way for Windows-shared Central- hide it.

To disable notification center in Windows 10, you need to generate a new value in the registry of the operating system. It is an easy task that can be reversed if needed, although it is important to keep in mind not to add or modify records which you don’t know exactly, it can cause a malfunction of your computer.

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How to hide the notifications center in windows10:

  1. Go to search the home bar, and type “regedit” and start the application.
  2. Search HKeyCurrentUser SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Explorer.
  3. If it is not, you must right-click on the folder (or key) Windows, and create a new key (New / Key). A new key that was the appoint “Explorer”.explorer-key-regirstry
  4. Once you have the key generated, you must create the configuration to eliminate the notification center. For that you choose Explorer, and right-clicking on the right section and go to New / DWORD (32 bit), that name will have “DisableNotificationCenter”.2 dword-regirstry-windows10
  5. Once created will double clicking on it, and where it says “Value data” will change the zero by one.3 disable-notification-center-windows-10
  6. This one is finished restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that this will not remove the notifications that appears to the right of the screen. To disable it you must go to Settings / System / Notifications and actions, and disable notifications you want.