How To Create Custom Quick Settings On Android 7

Android Quick Settings are one of the most useful functions to save time when performing any action on our mobile. We have different predefined Quick Settings, but the novelty in Android 7 is that we can have our own Quick Settings. This is how you can create them yourself.

The new Android 7 Quick Settings :

Android 7 is the new version of the operating system, and comes with some interesting news that will take smartphones a step further. Specifically, some of the functions included are functions that were already present in other ROMs or other interfaces or mods that had made some developers and are now a native part of Android 7. One such feature is that we can have our own Settings Rapid.


Basically, the novelty in Android 7 is that it now includes an API, thanks to which any application can have its own Quick Fit. That said, the developer of that app will only have to include this function in the same application. However, there are applications that are dedicated exclusively to create quick adjustments to elements such as widgets or other actions of the mobile, and that will make it easier to create any quick adjustments you want. Here are two examples of this.


Tiles is an application that has access to many functions and all of it making use of the API to add the Quick Settings. This means that we can set up quick access to the calendar, NFC, weather, calls, and virtually any element of the system, and even some additional functions. It has many options of personalization, but only has a single defect, and is that it is paid. It does not cost a lot, only 2.39 euros, and in my opinion it is better to pay for an application that works so well, with so many options, and has no advertising, to have a poor quality application, and more when it has a price so cheap.


Of course if you are looking for something cheap, the best option could be Quidgets. The idea of the application is really simple. It is to establish as Quick Fit any widget, so that we have access to it directly from the notification bar, from the Quick Settings section. Clicking on this option will run a window with the widget, and therefore any app that includes its own widgets, which today are almost all, can be used to keep it in the Quick Settings section. The best thing is that Quidgets is free, so we will not have to spend money to try this application.