How To Connect To An FTP Server With FileZilla

Connecting to a remote FTP server on internet is very useful, for example, if you have a small server at home or want to access files on your computer from another location, both inside and outside our own local network.

One of the most used clients to connect to FTP server is FileZilla. This client is mainly characterized by being free, open source and very simple to use so that any user with a minimum knowledge can use it without much difficulty.

The first thing to do is to download the FileZilla client to your computer from its main website. you must ensure that it is downloaded from this page, as there is a posibility of downloading it from a fake website which could make your pc infected by malware.

Once downloaded FileZilla install it (if you downloaded the installable version) or run it (if it is the portable version) and see a window similar to the following.


We can connect with it in two different ways. The first is aimed at fast connections. At the top, under the Access buttons part we can see some pictures to fill. In these spaces you need to write:

  • Server: IP address or domain of the FTP server that we will connect.
  • Username: User with which we will connect to the server.
  • Password: User with which we will connect.
  • Port: Port that we will use to establish the connection.

Will click the Quick Connect button and automatically attach to the server. The problem with this method of connection is, it will not allow to set more connection.

FileZilla also lets you create a list of sites you connect easily without having to enter the data again and again.

To open this list you must open the File -> Site Manager menu and see something similar to the following.


To add a new site to leave saved must click on the button “New site” and we will add an entry to complete the list of FTP servers.

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In the “General” tab you must enter the following data:

  • Server: IP or domain FTP server.
  • Port: Port on which server is running FTP.
  • Server Type: Here choose the type of server either FTP, SFTP or another.
  • Access mode: you can configure if we want to login as a guest or a user name and password previously configured.

With these functions, the server will run with no problems, but if we want to leave it better configured we must go to the “Advanced” tab and fill there the following sections:

Once you are finished filling out the data, click on “Connect” and the connection will be established automatically. When you want to reconnect simply must open the site manager, select your connection and click on connect, no longer need to re-enter any data again.

Hope you find it simple and useful. Do let me know if you have any questions through comments. Also share it on social media.