How To Check If Someone Is Using Your WiFi Network



Last time did you noticed that your WiFi connection is not what it was? If this issue even is affecting at work and your provider has guaranteed that everything works properly, then most likely you have some intruder using your WiFi. Currently, access to private WiFi network and intercept small pieces of information is relatively simple to achieve. A person with relatively advanced telematics knowledge can complete the above process within minutes, thus avoiding payment to a provider of Internet services and, what is worse, putting the safety of other network users at serious risk .

If you suspect that other people are using your WiFi network without your consent, in MuyPymes i will suggest some applications that will help you know if there are unknown devices connected, so you can take the necessary measures and maintain the security of your connection.


Fing is the best application that will let us know quickly whether we have an intruder in our network, It will show the IP and MAC address connected to the WiFi, Also this will tell us the manufacturer and the name of the product of the device. Although the interface is not very slick, it works quite well. Once you sepdn time sufficient time on our WiFi, it must recognize our devices, such as printers, telephones, etc.

Fing sometimes does not recognize the name of the device, but there is no problem, because we can put the name you want. Thus, if a printer recognizes and does not detect the name, we can write the name of the printer. Once we have located all the devices saved and if we find any device that does not sound anything we then of course, we have an intruder in our WiFi. It would be advisable to follow a few simple steps and shielding our connection, so we will put the more difficult things these Internet thieves.

Available for iOS and Android.

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2.Wi-Fi Inspector

With this platform, you can see the computers that are connected to your network, with specific details thereof, as its brand and IP address. The advantage of this development is that it has the ability to detect all kinds of electronics, including televisions and video game consoles.

Available for Android.

3.IP Network Scanner

This development monitors your home network for connected electronics, and shows you a complete list of them. So you can see if there are other teams that are not yours using the network.

Available for iOS and Android.


iNet scans your network to show the devices associated with it and find out if there are connection ports open to the outside.

Available for iOS.

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5.Wi-Fi Watch

This platform, which is completely in Spanish, scan your network for all devices connected to it, which shows you the IP addresses as well as their brands.

Available for Android.

Protect your connection

If these applications detect intruders in your network, it is best that you take a series of steps in order to properly protect your connection.

MAC filtering

One of the most popular techniques for protecting a WiFi network is MAC filtering. All NICs have a unique identifier known as MAC, which can be found, usually in the section of the device settings. The vast majority of routers allow you to filter new access devices based on their MAC. That is, if the MAC of the device is not stored on the router, it does not allow connection. Even if the password is correct.mac filtering

Encryption Level

The vast majority of hackers used a series of specialized algorithms to figure out passwords for WiFi networks around them. These passwords obviously are not written in plain text, but are encrypted. Therefore, the higher the level of encryption that we set in the internal configuration of the router, the harder it is to decrypt the password.wifi-security-encryption

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Complex password

This is the simplest measure. All routers start with a default password, but it is advisable to change it immediately with a new one. What look? Ideally password have many characters as the router and allow all these characters are varied and do not have any personal data. That is to say nothing of “0000000”, “123456789”, dates of birth and the like. Here is a guide to create strong password no hacker can break

Change Password Periodically

About this, it is advisable to perform a frequent password change to protect a WiFi network. As is the case with all Internet services, changing password periodically is a highly recommended and healthy practice (from the point of view of safety).complex password


This feature, included in the vast majority of routers, it is usually recommended to hide your ssid, but the reality is that their effectiveness is quite low. Which is the reason? Very briefly, any hacker willing to decrypt the password of a WiFi network will have other tools to detect Wi-Fi networks with hidden SSID. Therefore, the effectiveness is relatively low.


These are some of the best Android apps you can try on your android mobile and find that intruder. And kick him from your network and save your Bandwidth 🙂 Happy Internet