How To Automatically Save Snap Chat Images To Gallery

Save Snapchat videos and photos to your smartphone automatically

SnapChat is a photo and video sharing application which was created by students, at Stanford University. Though it was created in 2011, it only started going viral in the last couple of years. Even though there are many other social media apps that allow you to quickly share moments of your life, SnapChat has become one of the go to platform for young people to use.

It is a mobile only app because the idea behind it is that no matter where you are, you will be able to quickly snap a photo and share it with your followers. There are ways to run the app on a PC, but this article is more about saving SnapChat images. And you’ll find out in the next couple of sections why that is a problem worth solving.

If you are already familiar with the app you can skip down to our recommended tools section below. Also, don’t forget to try out running SnapChat in a virtual emulator as described in this section.

What Is SnapChat?

The big appeal with SnapChat is that allows you to share photos and videos directly from your phone or tablet. The built in camera is used to take the images and they are instantly posted and shared with your friends.

You can also assign a length of time that the image will be visible once received. This time is usually between 1 and 10 seconds long. But you can also use the built in stories functionality which allows you to post multiple images over a longer period of time. The images stay visible for up to 24 hours, after which they are deleted from the feed.

The feature essentially allows you to tell a story with images over a given period of time, but only 24 hours worth of images are stored. After the expiry time, photos and videos are deleted and cannot be retrieved.


For a lot of people this is a little bit of an inconvenience. Many photos posted in an a moment end up being great images that you or your friends may want to save. But SnapChat does not allow for this functionality; all you could do is take a screen shot, but this will not capture the full resolution.

The best solutions are available in the form of add on apps, that you can run on your phone or an emulator. In the next section you will find out more about the different options available.

Install Snapchat on your Windows PC or Mac using Bluestacks

Download Bluestacks Snapchat for PC

How To Save From SnapChat

The apps below help you to save Snapchat photos, videos, stories on Android and iOS, but can also be installed in an emulator if you use one. You will probably want to try out a couple of them as different people will likely have different preferences as to the ease of use.

1. SaveMySnaps (Android)

SaveMySnaps is an Android application that lets you view your snaps as well as  download them, if you want to do that. The one thing that you need to remember before downloading the photos from SaveMySnap is that you should not view the snap in Snapchat before you are going to download it.

Essentially the app allows you to log into your account and view and post photos and videos and at the same time download them to your device. Saved files are stored in a gallery that you can revisit and view again and again. Just note that when you log into your account with this app, you will be logged out from the official app, as you can only be logged in once.


Download here: SaveMySnap

2. SnapCrack (iOS)

This is an iOS app to save your Snapchat photos, videos and stories on your iPhone’s camera roll. This app has even more functionalities and is a bit easier to use than SaveMySnaps. You login to your account from the app and you can then save images and video directly to your phone. And all this without the sender knowing that you have done so.

Also it  allows you to send snaps from your gallery or photo album, which is something you cannot do from SnapChat itself. So, if you have taken some great photos and want to share them quickly, just log into this app and you are good to go. There is a paid version of this app that removes ads, but unless you use it a lot you might actually be OK with seeing some ads pop up.


Download Here :SnapCrack

3. SnapSave (Android, iOS)

This was the first app that was released in this category which helped Snapchat users on Android and iOS to save photos, videos and stories to the phone automatically. This is also the most popular app to save stories you follow to later view the images again.

In beta version it was restricted to save only images but after the updated version it can also save videos and other messages. It’s a great tool and has gone through quite a few updates to make it reliable.


Download Link:SnapSave

Install Snapchat on your Windows PC or Mac using Bluestacks

Download Bluestacks Snapchat for PC

4. Casper (Android)

This was also created by the same creator who made SaveMySnap. This is one of the best apps ever you can use on your Android phone to save Snapchat stories because it has quite a few additional features. This app is only available for Android at the moment, but you could use an emulator on your Mac. The additional functionalities of the Casper include saving Snaps, forwarding Snaps, applying filters to photos and adding stickers on the fly.


Download Link: Casper

5. SnapBox (iOS)

This is one of the most fully featured iOS apps in the list to save snapchat photos and videos. It can also help you save snap stories permanently to view at later times. The only thing you need to do with the app is whenever you receive a Snap, you got to open SnapBox and login to your snapchat account instead of SnapChat.


Download Link: SnapBox

I hope you found this collection of apps to save snapchat images to a gallery useful; let me know if there are any other better apps. All of these solutions will work perfectly, but just try them out to see which one works best for you.