How To Activate iPhone Screen In “Read Mode” By Tapping

Are you one of those who regularly read from the iPhone? You are not alone, but if you are someone who also enjoys a good book in bed, Don’t you feel unpleasant bright screen in the dark. Of course, we always have the option to reduce the brightness of the screen manually, but if it is a gesture that we do every day would not it be great to reduce screen brightness with a single touch? Fortunately it is possible, and thanks once again to the limitless possibilities of the iPhone Accessibility menu.

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These are the steps you should take:

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  • Go to Settings–> General–> Accessibility and that access Zoom
  • At the top, active Zoom
  • At the bottom, selected as filter option zoom Low light
  • In the same section, select Zoom Zoom region and full screen
  • Finally, we return to Accessibility and at the bottom select Zoom in section Shortcut.

And that’s it. Now, as we are prepared to read, just press three times lower iPhone button to reduce screen brightness to a minimum. Although other there is another interesting feature for those who want easy reading at night is the option to invert the colors of the screen, so that when reading an e-book, the background is black, and source white. To do the latter, again we accede Accessibility and at the bottom in Shortcut directly select Invert Colors. Same thing can be applied to an ipad also .