How long will Google+ survive?


How long will Google+ survive? The social network of search giant has long questioned because it has not had the expected success for the company. However, despite not having much active users as Twitter or Facebook, it still gotta have some faithful who are beginning to leave the social network.


As you can see in the picture, and it seems that the network has experienced a sharp decline in use during the second half of 2015, losing nearly half of its unique visitors. This also results in a much lower activity in Google+, something I’ve noticed, as in recent months I can spend hours without going and then I see that there is little new content. Communities that once had enough activity and now they are all gone. In other words, it is becoming a ghost town.

Is it time for Google+ free fall ?

Google+ did not start off right, and despite having some interesting features like circles, communities and support for photos in HD, had opposition from much beginning of the Internet community.

This move was made to try to add users more easily, but only served to win Google+ enemies all over the Internet, returning to the even more reluctant to use users.

Harvested before the little success, Google decided to chop the social network and start distributing Google Photos as a standalone application, in addition to moving much of the talent that worked on Google+ to Android. The latest redesign has not helped in this regard, as there are complaining that it is now more difficult to use the google+, and no wonder, because the transfer interface to the mobile web has brought too many limitations to users.

Conclusion :

In the fall of unique users and the growing discontent of those who still have, the future looks pretty dark for Google+, and it is clear that it is absurd to continue spending time and resources in a service following this pace will not use almost no, if that is not happening.