Know Everything about Pi Day (History of Pi)

Pi represented by the Greek letter “π” is a  mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as 3.14159.Coming to Pi Day it is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi) and on every March 14 (3/14 for the date in the US) celebrated as the day of π (Pi) from the past years there are countless tributes to Pi throughout history, but the popularity of this celebration has made new and ingenious ways to learn more interesting facts about Pi appear.


Brief history of pi :

The story of Pi is very, very old, but the first to use this symbol was William Jones does “relatively” short time in 1706. However, the mathematician Euler was that widespread use in 1737. From that time π it attracted the interest of mathematicians, who would soon come to a singular conclusion: this irrational number was also important-it is the root of any polynomial coefficients integer.
Discovery of new decimals of Pi has become quite a challenge mathematical and there are over 10 billion calculated and indeed the SuperPi benchmark is a classic in the world of overclocking and allows forced to expose a large frequency processors stress test for determining whether at those speeds CPUs able to function stably or just “succumbing” to pressure. Almost impossible not to mention here the Raspberry Pi who have delighted over a million users worldwide and have brought the world of programming and philosophy maker both young and old on one stage.

So today I am going to show some videos where the world famous constant is absolute protagonist tributes to the Pi.

Also here is the video of a young protagonist Chirag Singh in TEDxYouth:

This video features maths-loving author Alex Bellos and Professor Roger Bowley from the University of Nottingham who share some cool stuff about Pi :

And in this video you will observe the number Pi is the basis of several experiments for observing display you get when trying to represent Pi and decimals using different graphical methods :

But if there is a “funky” video which what will make us go crazy is the song of Pi, where the lyrics, are simply reading of tens of digit of this constant :

Even the film world has also been paid to Pi.particularly did in 1998 with the film with name Pi, and although it has appeared in many more productions this is the most prominent of all. The term pi also appears in series (the recently deceased Leonard Nimoy made good use of the constant in an episode of Star Trek) and not to forget the “Life of Pi”, the 2012 film won four Oscars in Hollywood.
So here we present the trailer of Darren Aronofsky film pi :

So these are some of our collection of videos as a tribute to the beauty of pi.
hope you people liked it Happy pi day 🙂