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Hider 2 | Encrypt and Protect Your Mac

Protect and Secure Your Mac with Hider 2


Hider 2 for mac

Every day someone’s data is being hacked and stolen. The Internet has grown to a point where it becomes difficult to sort out malicious from authentic data. Manufacturers of data encryption software are releasing new versions of programs to try and keep up with the online hackers.

The 2016 U.S Presidential election was highly contentious and the controversies did not end with the Electoral College confirming the victory of Donald J. Trump. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) presented reports that the US elections were hacked by Russia. Before the end of 2016, search engine giant Yahoo! confirmed billions of e-mails were hacked.

You’ve read all the reports of popular celebrities’ laptops being hacked and their private pictures stolen and distributed online. You probably didn’t think it would happen to you until you get notice from a friend who says he received a malicious e-mail with your address.

Technology makes life and work easier and more convenient. But there are those who use it with malicious intent in order to fulfill their selfish interests. It’s not enough that you regularly clean your Mac and update your software to the latest versions.

You need to have the best encryption software in the market and it may just be Hider 2

Hider 2 is a file encryption program for Mac. It works to keep your files hidden and protected on your hard drive from would be hackers and potential intruders. Here are the salient features of Hider 2:

  1. Data Protection

It’s website describes Hider 2 as the “Fort Knox” of digital storage. Anything you store will be tightly secured.

One of the reasons is that it uses AES-256 Encryption which is what the National Security Agency or NSA uses to protect highly- sensitive information.

AES-256 works by scrambling the data used to hide your file with a cipher key and converting it into a long string of text that is difficult to break even by the most experienced hackers.

Hider 2 combines AES-256 with Password Protection. Without the password, you cannot open any of your files or access the apps.

You can also encrypt your external drive by having its files covered by Hider 2 then disconnecting it from your Mac after every use. An external drive acts as another layer of security for your files.

  1. File Organization

Hider 2 also has features that allow you to organize your hidden files for faster and easier tracking.

Custom Grouping lets you organize files according to category for quick identification. For example, if you have confidential information on finances, you can just label the group “FinCom”.

Hider 2 also has a Secure Notes feature which allows you to write confidential information such as passwords and account numbers and have them securely stored away.

You can also hide entire folders instead of just individual files for more efficient organization. And it’s very easy to do. Simply drag the folder to the app and it will be organized and encrypted instantly.

Finder Tags is an organizational feature that makes it easy to categorize important data. Tags from Finder are imported to Hider 2 for better organization and security. You will no longer worry about losing a hidden file.

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  1. Ease of Navigation

It may be built like Fort Knox but Hider 2 makes sure it won’t be like Pan’s Labyrinth for its user. With all of its security features and passwords, Hider 2 is very easy to navigate. It has global shortcut keys so you can immediately hide and lock an app or a file.

Its Menu Bar Access makes it easy for you to run tasks without opening an app. You can search for hidden files, switch from visible to invisible files and lock Hider 2 by using the drop down menu.

Hider 2 also has Finder Integration which lets you hiding a file while keeping it closed.

Another bonus feature of Hider 2 is that it has a file shredder program that will permanently delete unwanted files. Many Mac users think that deleted data is gone forever once you empty the Trash Bin.

But that assumption is one of the reasons why many unwanted files are retrieved and distributed. File Shredder overwrites your deleted file to make it completely irretrievable.

It appears that the Hider 2 is true to its name. It’s features and programs are extensive enough to help any Mac user breathe a sigh of relief when conducting online activity.

The combination of the AES-256 encryption system and password protection appears to provide a solid wall of protection to all of your apps and files. The ability to build vaults in your external drive adds another layer of security and protection.

But are there cracks in Fort Knox?

Hider 2 has a contingency plan in case you forget the interface password. You can backup your password in the Keychain Access system app. This is important because once you lose your password there is no other way of retrieving any of the encrypted files.

However this feature poses a potential breach in security. People who are using your Mac under the same account will be able to access Hider 2 without you knowing.

Encrypting the file, moving it into the vault and erasing its footprint also requires a tremendous amount of processing power. In a comparative test of encryption and decryption programs, Hider 2 was frequently the slowest.

  • A 134.5 MB file took the Hider 2 seven seconds to encrypt but 16 seconds to decrypt.
  • A 4.95 GB folder with 1,500 files was encrypted in 5 minutes. Decryption took 6 minutes.

During the tests, Hider 2 consumed 50% CPU power and required 100 MB RAM. However when you are not running encryption and decryption activities, Hider 2’s usage requirements are greatly reduced.

Overall Hider 2 is a good encryption program to have on your Mac. Maybe it is not Fort Knox but its features are enough to assure you of solid protection for your files and apps.

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