“Hey Siri” will not work if the proximity sensor is covered on your iPhone 6s

“Hey Siri” is one of the most attractive feature with new iPhone 6s for all those who use the voice assistant Apple frequently. With the new terminal, and with the new co-processor M9, you are no longer required to be loaded and listening is always active.


Our iPhone 6s always be listening but sometimes why Siri doesn’t respond? Possibly in those situations you may have not noticed but the proximity sensor is covered. When this happens and can not enjoy this option.

If the proximity sensor is covered, either because our iPhone is face down on the table, or due to the screen guard or mat sticked for extra protection or sometimes tucked into a pocket, holster or simply cover ourselves with our finger or other object without realizing only detected via gyroscope that is upside down, the “Hey Siri” command fails. But it is not the only situation in which it will stop working.

With the low-power mode on “Hey Siri” it does not work either. And while we put the terminal to load, if not only will deactivate automatically when the iPhone reaches a minimum power and returns to normal mode consumption.

You can find that it consume too much battery Still, we must also bear in mind that sometimes be necessary to see Siri gives us answers to our questions or requests right away.