Groupme Login: How Do You Create Chat Groups

In the world of instant messaging from smartphones you have probably come across quite a few of the most dominant players. Viber and WhatsApp, as well as Facebook messenger are all likely to be installed on your phone or tablet.

You might be asking then why would you want yet another platform for keeping in touch with friends and family. To help you answer that question we have put together this guide that will give you all the information needed to get you set up and logged in.

What Is Groupme?

Yes, as you have probably guessed, Groupme is a messaging system that allows you to send free messages to anyone you know, anywhere in the world. There are no registration costs, or costs associated to using the system. It is completely free to use and set up.

This particular service allows you to set up groups of people to share news, fun facts, work updates or just information on the next night out. Basically, whenever you want to reach a load of people quickly.

Because you almost always have your phone on you, all the messages that are sent to the group will follow you wherever you are. Urgent or last minute updates can be sent to everyone in your team or group of friends and it is highly likely that they will be received in time.

This beats having to pick up the phone and make a call to everyone in the group, just because there has been a change in venue for you to meet.

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How Does It Help To Stay In Contact?

With its specific design for allowing groups of people to easily communicate, you will find that this platform works best for any of the following situations:

  • Families with members all over the world
  • Groups of friends organizing a get together
  • Sports teams communicating training schedules
  • Clubs making arrangements for regular events
  • Coworkers staying in touch on project work

Your Groupme login is all about creating group chats and doing so in a way that makes it really simple for you to set up and add new people. With all your friends or team members in designated groups you can simply send one message, rather than repeating the same thing through systems like old fashioned SMS.

All the members you add to the groups see the same messages and everyone can communicate as a group. This is a great way to stay in touch, especially when you and your friends and family live further apart.

What Is Unique About Groupme?

1 – Web Platform

One thing that almost all modern chat systems do not have is a function that allows you to use a web browser on your computer to access the chats. Facebook messenger does have this, but it is not great for group chats as it has quite a limited layout and feature set.

With Groupme you can send a message to your group from your phone on the way home from work and then just pick up the conversation on your computer when you get home. All your messages are synchronized and you won’t miss any comment made.

This is also helpful if you find yourself in a place that has poor or no mobile Internet coverage. In that case you Smartphone is not so smart anymore. But if you can access a computer with a wired connection you can quickly check that you haven’t missed anything.

2 – Available On All Phone Types

There are many popular chat apps that are not available on all devices. Most new apps are created to work on Apple’s iOS and Android. Only after the service finds a large enough audience will you see it available on other platforms.

But even then, it is often the case that you cannot install them on Blackberries and Windows phones. This can be frustrating and Groupme allows you to not have to care what system you or your friends have. All you do is invite them to join the group and they simply install the app and log in with their own account.

3 – Integration With SMS

What sets Groupme apart from all other messaging platforms is that it will work even if people in the group do not have the app installed on a smartphone. There are still some people out there that have very old fashioned phones.

On all other platforms available this will mean that you cannot include such people in your groups. In our experience, we have seen especially elderly people who prefer a simple old style phone. So, if you are setting up a family group it can quickly happen that you will encounter such members.

How Do You Get Your Own Groupme Login?

With ease of use being built in from the first step, you will find getting an account set up is extremely straightforward. You can start on the website and simply enter your cell phone number. You will then be sent a link to the app and you can go ahead and install it.

You can even set up an account directly on the webpage, either using your Facebook or Microsoft account, which is very practical, or by signing up for a new account.

By adding your cell phone number you will receive a PIN by text message that you will have to enter to verify your account. This is a security measure to make sure you are actually the person you claim to be.

With the account fully set up you can customize your settings like screen name, photo of you and most importantly you can set up new groups. That is really all that is to it to be able to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones.


With your personal Groupme login you can set up and maintain groups of people from your friends to family and colleagues to team mates. You will very easily be able to communicate quick messages and updates knowing that most people will be able to see that message wherever they are.

With the full coverage of different smartphone systems, and a fully featured web service, and integration with traditional SMS you will be able to make sure that all of the people you want to reach can be reached.