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Google Top 7 Apps For Your Smartphone

At the developer conference Google made several announcements. But perhaps the most curious is the prize for the best apps for Android, divided into several categories. Check them here.

1.The best: Houzz

android_appIt’s like Pinterest but for interior design. The app allows users to browse thousands of homes, chat with designers and using augmented reality, can bring new products to the chosen houses. Similar to Pepperfry in india.

Freely available for Android and iOS.

2. Best early-adopter: World Around Me

google's top 7 apps for smartphone

It is an augmented reality app that helps users discover new places, integrating tools like Yelp or Google Maps. When a user opens the application, the camera phone opens the posters and promotions are superimposed over real world.

Freely available for Android and iOS.

3.For the whole family: ThinkRolls

google's top7 apps for smartphone2

This app helps kids to become smarter using a game in which the main character has to solve physics problems involving concepts like gravity or acceleration.

Freely available for Android and iOS.

4.Overall: Pokemon Shuffle


As we all love Pokemon, Google chose this game as it has more market globally. In the game the user has to complete puzzles and, of course, catch them all. In addition to the phases available after the initial release of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, it is expected to add additional phases and Pokemon, even if the game already has much to offer from the outset, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will provide hours and hours of fun both beginners and experts puzzle games thanks to the variety of challenges.

Freely available for Android and iOS.

5.Best game: Clash Royale

google's top7 apps for smartphone3

The spin-off of the popular game Clash of Clans took the prize this year. It is a multiplayer game as addictive as the original.  Clash Royale is a simple yet complex game: we have two players, each with a base and weapons, and mission is to conquer the opponent’s base. The attacks are real time, so our speed to attack and defend is important, and also includes successful concepts from other games, like cards or magic. Something quite different from Clash of Clans, but still drinking from their influence. Currently the game is available in a handful of countries.

The creator of Clash of Clans, Supercell, has several hit games in his repertoire as Boom Beach, but had not tried to use the success of Clash of Clans to support the launch of a game. That changes today because Clash Royale is a multiplayer game in real time using the existing universe of Clash of Clans since its launch.

Freely available for Android and iOS.


6.More innovative: NYT


The New York Times sent last year, a Google Cardboard to all subscribers so that they could read the newspaper but, more importantly, read their special, in virtual reality.

NYT Now, a shortened version of the full digital subscription for $9.99/month (Digital Access) and $19.99/month (Digital Access + Times Insider), was aimed at younger readers with selected notes and summarized by Times editors. Digital access includes unlimited access to NYTimes.com and NYT smartphone and tablet apps.The objective of the application is free to increase the number of readers and experiment with “the best way for those readers migrate over time to some kind of payment model.”

Freely available for Android and iOS.

7.Best startup: Hopper


The app analyzes the best prices for travel and predicts when they will change to be cheaper. It is Hopper, an iOS and android application that allows us to find ticket prices between cities, see what time of year usually cheaper, and find tickets for this year. Some of these features already found in meta search-engines like Kayak, but the interesting thing is that all of Hopper searches can be done easily.

Freely available for Android and iOS.

Hope you liked this Google’s Top 7 Apps For Your Smartphone. Do let us know what you think about these apps and games. You can follow us on @facebook.