Google Working On New Method to Pay Invoice Within Gmail

Imagine being able to receive all kinds of bills to pay Gmail and with just two clicks or touches -to the case without leaving well as mobile email service. Better yet, it was possible to set an execution date so that is automatically debited from a savings account or from a debit card pun intended, the corresponding amount billed.


In essence it is an extension of Google Wallet with direct payments from bank accounts, increased security and seamless integration with both Gmail web app version and your mobile. In the latter pair, come to occupy a homonymous section on management and display of invoices.

In the picture accompanying this article you  would look and how intuitive it would make the payment process without going to the website of each entity but from the same Gmail look. Of course, to ensure the issue of security, authentication handle tools in conjunction with partner companies specialized in digital verification.

As if that were not enough, Pony Express, or the name that you keep in your version finally work in Gmail and in Inbox, the new app to manage your Gmail in a more productive way. Worth noting that it is not a new idea and there are several companies that have tried out such functionality to the wide audience, but it Google this time who delves into the topic, you could modify in large measure how they are conceived payments online by millions of users.