Google Will Officially Support Raspberry Pi 3 with Android OS

Raspberry Pi platform has great limitations in regards to operating systems. Its official page provides at least half a dozen Raspbian options, however, the Linux community has not stood idly by. The only system that has yet to get on the train is Android, but Google preferred to maintain silence … until now. The official AOSP repository already has a branch dedicated to Raspberry Pi 3, but is empty at the moment, well i guess that’s a matter of time before we see a compatible code .


The idea of adapting Android to platforms beyond mobile devices is interesting for two reasons: The first is its vast ecosystem. While not all the apps in the store are really useful for the user, the fact is that all the services that the public considers as essential these days have a compatible app. The second is the future of Android itself. Version 6.0 did not leave a good impression during the launch of the tablet Pixel C, but received several updates since then, improving critical aspects of the operating system if you plan to have a place on our desks. What’s next on the list of Android? From what we have seen, nothing less than the Raspberry Pi 3.
All that is available here is an empty repository, but would not be there if at least Mountain View did not intend to do some experiments with the latest edition of Raspberry Pi. Why specifically the last model? If we think for a moment, the reasons are obvious: Its SoC is fairly well documented, has four cores and an acceptable frequency,RAM is 1 GB, has WiFi connectivity along with Bluetooth 4.1 support, and a microSD slot the storage is not a problem to say. In theory, users only have to load the image on a card (as they do with other operating systems) and start the Raspberry Pi.

raspberry pi android

It goes without say, the fact that the Raspberry Pi 3 receive official Android  support does not mean that Google will free access to their services. What Google is planning for Android and the Pi is unclear. However, once released, Android support for Raspberry Pi 3 would give programmers access to more than 1.5 million apps, allowing them to mess around with their own custom projects too. We know how this is: Android is open source, but not all modules of Google (including Google Play Store). The shortcut side loading should be enough to load apps on the Raspberry Pi 3, however, would not be bad to see that Google extend some courtesy and allow us to use the Raspberry Pi 3 and if a certified device.

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