Google To Launch A Toilet Finder App For Indians

The internet search giant Google have been currently working on an app along with the help of Indian government. The main motive of the app is to help people of India in finding toilets nearby while they are travelling or are in any place where they find themselves difficult to find one. This toilet finder app for Indians will be built into Google maps for India and will be available in most of the native Indian languages.

Toilet Finder App For Indians

The main motive of the app is to improve the cleanliness and current Health situations of the people living in India who are very prone to diseases and infection due to lack of proper sanitation. Also, a survey conducted by Government of India stated that more than 60% Indians lack proper sanitation and basic toilet facilities. And google thinks that this app can help them in finding and the using the toilets available nearby, as only 25% of the population are not using smartphones in India.Google Will Launch A Toilet Finder App For Indians

This toilet finder app is going to be launched very soon with many language supports and easy UI with great support from Ministry of Urban Development of India. Also, this app is going to be a crowd-sourced application where the data and the sources will get improved as more and more users start using this application.