Today Know About Google Thread For IoT

Recently IOT has picked up speed by a increase in number of developers and company’s working to produce more repayable  connected world  even though we are having all hardware equipment and machine to machine(M2M) communication capacity we lack efficient protocols to combine them how ever in recent years many tech giants and other networking area company’s came to gather to make new network architectures, wireless communication and protocols to connect the world thread is the most resent one.

July 14, 2015 – The Thread Group (Google(Nest Labs), Samsung, ARM Holdings, Freescale, Silicon Labs, Big Ass Fans ) today announced the release of Thread, the new IP-based wireless networking protocol designed for low-power connected products in the home.


WHAT IS THREAD:-Thread is an IPv6-based mesh networking protocol designed as a reliable, low-power, secure and scalable networking solution for connecting  hundreds of electronic devices(LED lights, TV etc) to Internet though a Gateway by assigning every device a IP address

                  Some people may think this idea is crazy as assigning those many IP address will cause shortage in IP address  thread group is working on it or they may simply use NAT

     The whole point of Mesh,Thread is to make wireless networking 100% repayable, Mesh network provides wired reliability with out wires and Thread new Mesh networking Standard with takes the connected home to new level for first time small battery powered like thermostats, light switches etc become part of  The Internet  simply by providing IP address to this small devices making security setting, control equipment simple.



   Thread: Best way to connect products in your Home 

Using  standards like IPv6, 6LoWPAN and ZigBee as its basses, Thread will be the foundation of IOT and step forward to smart homes and truly connected world


  • Reliable networks: Thread  is built on IPv6 technology with 6LoWPAN as a foundation and offers robust self-healing mesh networks for over 250 nodes. Devices are ready when people need them.
  • Secure networks: Thread networks offers security by banking-class encryption, Thread  identify the   security holes takes necessary steps to cover it providing a worry-free operation.
  • Simple connectivity: using thread we can connect any thing that uses electricity as it’s  is to connect even small devices which where never connected to internet before
  • Low power: Thread uses ZigBee to communicate between devices as it’s range is more but uses less energy because of it’s bandwidth(less compared to WI-FI), Thread sports small   battery-operated devices like thermostats, lighting controls to be  a part of  home network which does not need constant recharge

Millions of existing 802.15.4 wireless products that are already in use today will simply require a software update to be Thread-enabled no new hardware required.