Google Reverse Image Search Engine And Its Alternatives

Google reverse image search is one of the best way to find similar images. There are a lot of search engines but for reverse and inverse images google image search is best. Some times people may use your private images, so to keep your privacy, as the owner you can keep track of who is using images without permission? Well, reverse image search of Google is the best way to do it. This term seems unknown to many of us, however, it is like a normal web browsing. We need to provide images instead of key words or phrases, and search engines will show results related images.

reverse image search engines

Surprisingly, 70% of network users are unknown of this amazing image search technique. This does not mean that these services are not good to take but there has been the lack of marketing that could make such services more popular among Internet users. Some people find it useful and not overlook this best choice forever.So let’s see google image reverse search, its uses, applications and browser plugins.

Best Reverse Image Search Engine

I will try to drop light on a variety of such image reverse search applications, Sure we will discuss about various aspects of this technique which most people are unaware and do not know that these features are available online.

Reverse Image Search Engine List

1) Google Reverse Image Search Engine :

google-reverse-image-searchGoogle image reverse search is widely used search engine to find information and images online. It has gigantic image database than other popular search engines. You can use google reverse image search engine in four Ways :

  • Drag and Drop image in the search bar
  • Go to, click the camera option and then press “upload a picture”
  • Copy and Paste URL in the search box.
  • Get Search image extension for Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to search for reverse images simply by right clicking on any image.

All forms of images work equally and effectively, and it can find similar images, sites that include image with different sizes you want. Google search engine uses different image attributes such as size, shape, and color resolution for similar images. Thus, google reverse image search engine is one of the best reverse search Engine of 2015.

2) TinEye : Reverse Image Search Engine Offered By Idée Inc.

World’s best reverse image search engine is a Toronto-based company called Idee Inc. claim that TinEye is the first website ever to use technology to reverse the google image search. For similar results using this tool you need to copy and paste image link and commanding tool to find similar images on the web.

However, it only supports pictures which are 1MB large, no more than that. TinEye has its own limitations as other image search engines like you can not recognize the person or object in the image, but consider the picture as a whole. However, this is the best option available to track the illegal use of copyrighted images.

There is a plugin available for TinEye in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. Once you get this plugin in your browser, you can find similar pictures by clicking right mouse button on any image you want to track. It offers many options like you can hide the TinEye icon to open the searches in the background, foreground or the current web, etc.

3) Multi-Service Image Search :


They include Multi image search Service, It is in our top list of reverse image search engines because it has an advanced feature, where you can also track places. It sounds great and very useful as well isn’t it. It allows you to filter the image search and helps achieve similar results targeting your selected geographic area. Except that this installation works just like other image search engines. The Multi-Service image search tool is compatible with JPG, JPEG, GIF and 8192 KB Extensions maximum image size. Its not good as google reverse image search.

4) Image Raider : Mirror Image Search Engine

If you have several images to track at the same time, then Raider Image is the best option available for you. Raider The image is a popular reverse image search engine that offers many unique features to make your search broader. Using this tool you can find results of similar images to load multiple images together. It saves time!rite.
Other image search engines provide only two options to search images (either by uploading an image or copy and paste the URL in the search bar). Raider Image get here with multiple options such as:

  • You can add an image from XML sitemap.
  • This tool can recover all the images in the provided URL page and use those images as input to hunt for similar results.
  • Allows you to add images directly from Flickr, 500px DevianArt or profiles.

The designer of this tool works best for you and help you find websites using their ideas without your permission. Overall accuracy of search results is very good and the interface is easy to use and easy to use. However, only one thing remains to know about this tool it is that it uses google reverse image search results to provide a final output.

5) Yandex Reverse Image Search :

Yandex- reverse-image-search

If you are in Russia and looking for better image serarch engine then Yandex is the only better option available to reverse effective google image search. It also offers similar options to start your reverse image search. You can search by copying and pasting the URL or uploading an image. You can filter the final results by file type or file size. It supports JPEG, PNG, GIF image extensions.

6) Baidu : Chinese Image Search Engine


As we all know that Baidu is the largest search engine in China it has also developed the technology of google reverse images search. The only problem with unique reverse image search engine of east China is providing inaccurate results. Therefore, it is not as popular, especially for reverse search images.

7) Karma Decay : A Reverse Image Search Engine by reddit


Would you like to post on Reddit? Or want to do reverse image search to post some image in Reddit? If so, then Karma Decay is the best choice of reverse image search  available especially for a user of Reddit. As you know very well that Redditors not like repeated messages. Here comes Karma Decay to save the republished content. This tool can search for images in all subreddits, however, you can filter the results to make subreddits limited to only one instead of multiple subreddits.

So these are some of the top reverse image search engines you can use to search by image . Don’t you think this  compilation has a variety of reverse image search engines, well i will be writing about other reverse image search engines for android, Windows & ios too.

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