All Google Play Apps Which Include ads Should label Adsupported app from 2016

The ads are a very important part in the software industry when it comes to mobile apps. However, their presence has not always been accepted especially when influenced the use of the app or the web, and we saw that Google took over in that case. So did the ads within Designed for Families program and now extends the measure to the entire Google Play.


From 2016 developers will have to make clear if your product will include ads before launch. Breached this statement, Google may remove the app Store violating the terms of the policy Google Developer Program. He explains that the company’s mail has been sent to each of them.

By 11 January,the developers must log in to Play Developer Console and declare if your apps contain ads (both native and third parties, as well as banners or full screen). After that date, it will be mandatory to declare the ads content for any updates to the apps. Not made policy Developer Program would violate Google Play’s app and could be suspended.

Advertising yes, but not in any way

As we recalled at the beginning, Google has already taken measures regarding the mobile version of websites in this regard. He announced this month that it would begin to penalize those whose announcement occupy the entire screen to be very annoying in the user experience for obstructing navigation not being adapted correctly to the screen so (that is, not mobile-friendly). And now also from that date there will be a specific label on my to designate all those apps that contain them.

Over the years ad revenue within apps they have increased. We already saw that a few months ago regarding the apps stores IOS and Google they had almost doubled in 2014 compared to that obtained in 2013, higher growth than revenues from ads Web and PC. A measure that benefits the user choosing to download an app or not to know this aspect in advance.