Google Plans Huge Futuristic Headquarters in California

The tech giant Google yesterday unveiled an ambitious plan to redesign its headquarters at Mountain View, California and constructing new buildings with open spaces, modular transparent and interior ceilings that can be reconfigured.
The renovation project, designed by Heatherwick Studio in London and the Danish group Bjarke Ingels includes plans to create bike lanes in the vicinity of the headquarters of Google, as well as bridges and trade, now absent in the areas.
Google demolish many of the existing buildings and replace if the plan is approved by the planning department of Mountain View.


“We have delivered our plan to redesign four places where we have offices but where we expect to significantly increase the space”, announced on its official Google blog, and they hope that new buildings will improve the work environment.
The company said that the philosophy behind the redesign is “simple”: “Instead of building immovable concrete buildings, create lightweight structures that can be easily moved to accommodate investments in new products” the company said.


Google noted that each building will be covered by transparent domes that will control the atmosphere inside and ensure a good light. Also┬ásaid “We seek to blur the distinction between our buildings and nature with trees, cafes gardens and bike trails that are interspersed with those structures”.
This tech giant reminded that its Mountain View headquarters 15 years ago by the beauty of the nearby bay, proximity to major universities, the quiet atmosphere conducive to family life and the possibility of working in a city in the heart Silicon Valley.
“Now we want to create offices that are not only a great home for Google, but also for the city that has given us so much,” they said.

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