Google Pixel Specifications vs Its Android Rivals With 5 Inch Screens

After a long wait and endless rumors, the new generation of Google phones are here. However, much it has changed from year to year. In fact, the transformation is so great that no longer even before the Nexus are traditional. No, the baton has been taken over by new Google Pixel, which has been the hope of an entire

We were particularly struck by the Google Pixel, the smartphone smaller of the two presented today. And, today, it is somewhat rare to see 5-inch terminals with similar characteristics. This is precisely the Google Pixel has a great opportunity; to excel within a category where a shortage of high-end devices. But for that, we must compare it with the competition.

Hardware :

google-pixel-specificationsI would say, almost certainly, that all terminals listed in this comparison will provide satisfactory performance rather than now and in the long run, although some “grow old” better than others. However, without having tried each of these devices, it is logical to think that Google Pixel is the best in terms of user experience as it inherits the smoothness and good response that characterized their ancestors Nexus.

For most users, performance is the most important quality of a terminal. However, good performance not only implies that a smartphone running all kinds of apps with ease, but also to know “aging”. This means no more and no less, that after a few months or years, our device continues performing as it should capped range.

Either way, most of these smartphones enjoy a tremendous combination of Snapdragon 820/821 / Exynos 8890 plus three, four or even six GBs of RAM, thus, the only viable and logical conclusion we can draw is that, as far as hardware is concerned, we will more than served for years to

Screen :

Although this section is somewhat subjective-not everyone prefers the same screen size in a Smartphone-, it is true that both Google Pixel as all competitors listed here move in the range of 5 to 5.2 inches, so that the dimensions are not extremely. Yes, precisely the newly introduced Google phone is not exactly the devices with screen-body tighter ratio on the market.

Although all have similar sizes of screen technology used in panels of each of the terminals differ much. And, at the expense of seeing Google Pixel screen more closely, this section is the Galaxy S7 the winner. The smartphone Samsung is well known for its panel, which has been praised by many media, and is considered today as the best in the market.

Moreover, Google Pixel resolution is not the highest in this list, but should be more than enough for a panel of “only” five inches. But if, on the other hand, you’re a junkie of the pixels and you can not stand see a loose out there, again, you can resort to the Galaxy S7 with QHD resolution.

Battery :

The battery of a smartphone is, for many users, a primary feature, including myself included. Nothing hurts more for a consumer to come at five in the afternoon and see how your new phone, which just left you a pretty penny, shuts down for lack of battery. Unfortunately, at least on paper, the Google Pixel sins of limited

Fortunately, not everything depends on the battery capacity, but the operating system also plays an essential role in consumption and efficiency. Thus, we have to rely on the improvements included in Android 7.0 Nougat in paragraph battery management, which should provide a longer duration, but this is something we have to try personally.

Anyway, if you want something that is proven to endure stoically, you must put your sights on the Xiaomi Mi 5s, which has a 3,200 mAh battery generalissimo. Its size of only 5.15 inches attached to the panel Full HD resolution, attached in turn to the recognized good management MIUI battery should provide hours of enjoyment from your new device.

Camera :

samsung-galaxy-s7For not beating about the bush, we say things clear in this section: the Google Pixel it is very difficult to overcome exponents the likes of Sony Xperia XZ. However, the main competition Google phone will be the acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S7, which it shares with the Galaxy S7 camera edge, currently the best in the mobile market as DxOMark.

Last year, Google provided its terminals two of the best cameras we’ve ever seen in Nexus. With a little luck, maybe the American company has managed to improve on what we provided last year, which is not an understatement. And it is that as we could see through countless comparisons, the large size of the sensor pixels allow the entry of more light than normal, which resulted in great pictures in low light.

Either way, we will wait to see how it unfolds the Xiaomi Mi 5s in the photographic section, since the sensor of this terminal also incorporates pixels of 1.55 microns. Moreover, the Sony Xperia XZ turn has a camera that should provide extraordinary results if we get carried away by the pictures he took his predecessor, Xperia X Performance.

Software :

android-7-0-nougat-fragmentationYou could write texts and texts on the tastes and preferences of users regarding software, however there is one thing that most often agree. And the stock Android enjoyed by the Google Pixel is synonymous with fluidity and softness as far as user experience is concerned. Moreover, this does not mean that there are detractors Android “no added”.

There are many who criticize fatigue or boredom leading to stock Android after a period of use. And is that TouchWiz layers as MIUI or incorporate small but useful features or applications that greatly simplify the user’s life. Whether in battery management issues, such as Sony and Stamina Modes acquaintances, or apps that let you transmit videos to the screen of a Smart TV, these additions are just grateful.

Therefore, you should find a particular layer of customization that satisfazga your needs. If you want something far from “normal” Android phones they are always present as the Xiaomi Mi 5s or ZUK Z2 Pro. If, instead, you prefer something more light, Sony is characterized by very little intrusive layers, but incorporating a huge amount of functionality and quite useful features.

Conclusion :

google-pixel-conclusionThe phone made by Google, at the outset, are not intended for all users. However, it seems that this generation of devices, the American company intends exactly the opposite, to appeal to as many potential users with a combination of features, design and proprietary software of any top of the range.

Unfortunately, there are still incredibly capable rivals, such as the Xiaomi Mi 5s or ZUK Z2 Pro at prices that, on the contrary may come to seem ridiculous by the features they offer. In addition, there are always S7 devices like the Galaxy or Xperia XZ, which are part of a high-end rushing the difficult task of perfecting their phones beyond perfection, although some more than others.

What did you like about the Google Pixel ? Do you think it stands out from its rivals or more of the same? Do let me know through comments .