Google Maps Verifies Suggested Edits With The Help Of Users

Over the last few weeks some users have found a new feature that will allow them to help Google Maps to have all the correct information about the different places around the world. In this regard, if users will register the visit to the place you are going to go, you may encounter a note of orange in order to verify a modification of the data suggested by another user .
google maps
Only have to press the note and choose to choose between three options: apply the modification suggested information, maintain current information or indicate that not sure. You also have an option to make a call to the proper place to verify the data. For now, it seems, that this option is available for some users considered “reliable” but in any case, it seems that now a number of new users opens.

The idea is clear, use the collaboration capabilities of users to keep all updated places with simple steps such information. And it is possible that the sites being modified over time, both closures and schedule changes, among others. And just like on other platforms, Google wants to help users to provide the most accurate and current information possible.

It turns out that the signs of this feature already appeared in the code of Google Maps for Android months ago, although I must say that this feature is not yet available for all users.