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Google Made Some Significant Changes For Login Through Android Devices

Google Play Services, official component of the software available on Android phones, it has reached version 8.3 with striking improvements. The key this time is to allow developers to facilitate their creations logon by Google accounts, that is, it can log into their apps with a few taps.

To begin with, it has been renewing the login button with the logo and name of Google,it has reduced the number of steps that may be ordered to users after an initial login, something large and complex for more than a few: login button is pressed, choose an account, if the account is not associated with a Google+ requested to create an account on the service, some permits are accepted and starts the app.
A new API appears, then, to reduce a couple of default permissions (basic profile information and, optionally, the email address) required. Better yet, the logo disappears Google+ to end the doubts of many people who believe that when logging by the red button Google will have to share photographs and other personal data on your network. So looks the new white button with the “Sign in with Google” will clear any doubt.

After pressing, the account picker is displayed and only until after they disappear again be displayed only as a suggestion, creating an account with Google+ to provide extra functionality. If we disregard the latter, the logon process will continue as it has always meant to be: a few taps and nothing else.