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Google launches ‘Smart Offline’ in India for cheaper Youtube video downloads

Not everyone can have internet connections as fast as Europe or the US, enjoy indiscriminate experience when consuming web content. YouTube videos are one of the clearest examples of this type of content it is not easy for everyone to have a stable and fast connection for playback on high quality.

Well, India is one of the countries most affected by “bad” connections or low bandwidth, but people from Google, in partnership with local operators, have agreed to promote an interesting option: Smart YouTube Offline. This last part in video function offline mobile applications YouTube, which for the rest of the world only comes in the Red YouTube subscription but in India puts on hand free.

India is a coveted market for many brands because of its population density, however, to address this market there turn many problems. However, technology companies continue to make efforts to grow its presence in the Asian country.

One example is the implementation of YouTube offline that emerged in 2014 in India and spread in different eastern regions. Now the company will begin downloading videos allow schedules to take advantage of the cheaper mobile data traffic.

To do this, users will have to select videos at any time who want to download videos and these will start to downloads the data rates are low, which occurs mainly at night. This function will be called Smart Offline.youtube-smart-offline

It is possible, all you have to do is push on the button that launches download for offline use, a window to adjust the details of the download is displayed, and in that window an option provided by operators is displayed: discounts on the data plan if the automatic download at night is enabled. The idea is not to occupy the networks during peak hours but take advantage, and save in times when you are less given use.

The rest is to sleep quietly and wait for the morning, to see added videos to your personal account, the videos chosen for their downloading and viewing offline.

Another example concrete to attack the market in India by technology shares brands, was the initiative of Apple to sell phones used in that country, which generated criticism and discomfort so eventually the government decided to ban such a strategy.