Google Launches Official IDE Android Studio Good News to Android Developers

android stuidoAfter a very long development Google had completed the development of Android Studio and released the complete stable version of Android Studio for every one today. Till now the most widely used smartphone operating system Android do not have official IDE! to develop the Android Apps!. This is something weird right!, So Google launched this new Android IDE.

With this Android IDE Google aims to increase productivity developers and encourage the new developers to develop the apps to Android Operating Systems.

The company had built the application based on IntelliJ IDEA . The company says that Android Studio had got lot more features than found in IntelliJ.

With this new Android Studio IDE you can build the new applications to the new Android version 5.0  Lollipop and you can also build the applications for the Android wearable devices like android smart watches, If you are having already the Android Applications built then with this IDE you can port them to Android Studio and Start building you can refer this guideline steps from Google to migrate from Eclipse to Android Studio from here If you’ve been using Eclipse with ADT, be aware that the ADT plugin is no longer in active development,

The best thing that I liked in this Android Studio is packages/ Code templates which are already present, I can refer these when ever I want to even use them in my app development, And the code samples are written by Android team to I need not to worry about performance of my app dude to my coding! ( I am not that bad programmer I hope hehe 😛 ).

Here are some features of Android Studio:

These features are found on the official blog. More info

I will check out some more features which are not mentioned in soon,so check back soon.

You can download the Android Studio from here. (817 MB) for windows, I did not check the size of MAC and Linux

for more information check out this post