Google Launches ‘Google Duo’ Application For Video Calls

A few months ago at the Google I / O this year the tech giant had presented two new applications which r to be introduced in its apps kingdom. Now Google is trying to introduce Allo, which is designed as a messaging service app, similar to Hangout; also Google Duo, which would cover the field of video calls, something that the American tech giant had not delved too.

Google-Duo-for-Android-and-iOSToday, finally, Google has decided to start allowing downloading Google Duo on Google Play, although so far the only thing you could do is sign in a choice of pre-registration, with which Google will send a notification when this is available for download.

Google positions Duo before launch

This move by Google, which recently announced its icon change is key, because after having it on Google Play with the option of pre-registration, begins to gradually distribute it so that it no meltdowns in Google Play when download the application.

According to the tech giant Google, Duo application intends to compete with Skype video calling app, it has arguments to do so because of its simplicity. Another positive feature of ‘Google Duo’ is the fact that conform calls to different network conditions at the time. That is, as the company says, the call quality is not affected if the user changes wireless network using a mobile network, although it is true that this will depend on the wireless network or mobile data.

Google Duo, which could be a pre-installed Android 7.0 Nougat brings some pretty interesting features, such as for example, lets you see the person you are calling before you decide to answer, or to log in just your phone number application , as happens in Whatsapp.

Notably Duo is available in both the application store Android and the iOS, as Google is increasingly present in the operating system of the apple, which wants to establish itself as it has done in most operating systems . For now we must be aware of Google Play to see when you can download Duo in our country.