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Google Increases Data Speed For Project Fi Subscribers When Traveling Abroad

Last year Google has announced the launch of Project Fi Google Wireless network, although so far only available in the United States.

And yesterday Google team enhances its proposal, announcing it will increase the data rate when Project Fi subscribers traveling abroad. That is, when traveling outside the United States, they will not have to worry about dealing with typical problems of slow internet, as it will increase international data speeds.

What Is Project Fi

Project-Fi‘Project Fi’ is the incursion of the tech giant google in wireless technology, it is a service that provides subscribers with text messages, calls, web browsing and the ability to share Internet connection with other computers. This plan allows you to switch automatically between the signal service and Wi-Fi phone from Sprint or as T-Mobile,with out a scope for lost or interrupted calls or video.

As detailed, the service will be able to offer 10 to 20 times more data rate than before, in over 135 destinations, without worrying about additional charges. Recall that the service starts with a price of $ 20 for unlimited calls and text, and with an additional $ 10 per gigabyte of data. Also Google will return the data to people who have not used during the month.

On Tuesday, Google said it will increase international rates so that Americans do not need to pay more for international data plans.

According to the company, only 20% of Americans used their mobile data because “not fast enough” to perform various tasks, according to figures from a survey conducted by the company last June.

Google says the update of ‘Project Fi’ speeds from now international data will be 10 to 20 times faster, and to strengthen coverage Three international support operator were added .

The company also revealed it will add international coverage to more than a dozen new countries.

And as a bonus, they offer a substantial discount for 6P Nexus next week, for all those who are discharged from the service. This promotion will be available from the website of Project Fit.

For more details on the coverage Fi Project announced, we can see on its page the list of countries and rates for each of them.