Google Domains are available Now for Everyone in US

Today Google had announced that the new Domain registration is made available for everyone, The company launched the Google Domain registrations back in June 2014 and opened to only few members for testing which was opened to those with Google Invitations just like the Google Inbox Invitations codes.

And today Google had removed that  invitation code restriction completely form accessing the Domain Registrations but the company did not lift the country restriction, i.e it is only accessible to only people in United States.

You can fill out this form and get notified when it is available in your country Google Form

The company just did not announce about the removal of the restriction, it also announced few features to the Google Domain Registrations.

Here are the features that Google announced in a mail to all it’s beta users:

  • Integration with Blogger, So that Blogger users can directly buy and integrate the domain right form their Blogger dashboard.
  • Dynamic DNS:  This is awesome feature that Google had introduced in Google Domains, with this feature one can connect to the computer even of the computer changes the ip address i.e with this feature you can get rid of the static IP address.
  • Improved the Search and Suggestion Experience:  Google had improved the suggestions and search which will provide suggestions and help you in choosing the right domain. This is not a big task for the company! This should be done before itself!.
  • 60 New Domains:  Google added the 60 new domains extensions for it’s users, You can get complete list of supported 60 new domains from here and the prices from here.
  • Improved integration with website builders: Google had integrated with the website builders so you can quickly view and compare themes and plans.


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