Google Chrome Start Blocking Flash Content In September

Next month, Google Chorme start blocking content that is loaded “in the background”.

Google’s browser, Chorme, start bid farewell to the veteran Adobe Flash next September, starting with blocking this type of content is loaded “in the background” .According to the Internet company is 90 percent of all Flash content on the Internet. And with it, the complete blocking of Flash technology to prioritize HTML 5, a technology that improves loading times of pages and

For the month of December, it is expected that all media uploaded by Chrome makes use of HTML5, making exceptions only those sites that require mandatory use of Adobe Flash.

HTML 5 will default to Chrome with version 55, which Google will distribute in December, as explained in a statement posted on the blog of Chrome. Until then, the company will prioritize this technology on Flash and to this end, begin blocking the latter next month.

Adobe Flash decayed started some years ago, because increasingly the HTML5 standard is adopted, while the Adobe solution has been embroiled in controversy because of security flaws and vulnerabilities that have emerged different. HTML 5 represents improvements in security, load times and energy consumption and, therefore, Google is committed to introducing it completely, and as this happens, works closely with Adobe to ensure the best user experience, as they have explained.

The company already announced last May that it would take this measure, giving developers time to adapt technology to the new format of web architecture. Although begin blocking all web content in September by default in Flash format, the browser has already begun to block ads in this format in September 2015.

Google, meanwhile, initially endured Flash in Chrome completely. However, due to changing trends in web development, browser gradually began to displace this type of content. In fact in version 45 of the browser Google pause began to be of little relevance Flash content, such as advertisements, animations and other content that was not important in the pages.