Google Chrome Data Saver Extension Now Available In The Chrome Web Store

Initially Chrome for Android was available for many versions of it with compressor integrated data comes disabled by default, but it is very easy to activate it with just a few taps on the settings of the application.

Now, this compression feature is also available to Chrome browser for PCs.officialGoogle Chrome Data Saver Extension Now Available In The Chrome Web Store. How does it work? It is very simple, just install the extension Saver Chrome Data to begin work in the background.

Automatically each time you enter a new website it is first checked with Google servers, which compress the data before finally downloaded to your computer, even if it, or secure pages under SSL certificate (those with “https”) if incognito mode data will be saved. The style Opera Turbo.


Thus, a new icon will appear in the upper right of the browser bar, along with the other extensions, and pressing it will have a quick look on how much data has managed to save data Saver Chrome (chrome data saver), as well as a simple graph and the possibility of temporarily disable it.

Chrome’s Data Save compression :

This latter is important, since the chrome data saver, which is still in its Beta state can affect your navigation in different ways. According warns Google, with it activated to help you save data, it is likely that some images of the websites you visit are blurry (reduce quality to save), it can also happen that some sites do not recognize your location and webs internal company may not display correctly.

How can prove useful Chrome data Saver?

Typically, when we are in a desktop or laptop, we sailed under a high-speed network, whether WiFi or cable and probably think, what this has to do with Android ?. Leaving aside this is a new feature it shares with the mobile application, this chrome data saver extension can be very useful for those who share their data plan.

Data Saver Chrome :

If you use your Android as a wireless access point, with the extension you’ll save a few navigation data and thus spend less bonus of your fee.


Just do not expect miracles, the amount of data that compresses chrome data saver always depend on the type of website you visit. In my case, using it after a while, it started saving more than 40%, but the average has gone down to 15%, it depends on your habits and internet use.

chrome data saver is really a cool extension and can come in handy when there are bandwidth problems so i recommend to install it now.

You can download the extension right now from the App Store Chrome, it’s free clear :
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